Front Page Mag: The British government “refused to say whether telling people about the Christian faith could be a hate crime.”

Lord Pearson of Rannoch, a UKIP peer, asked the House of Lords if they would “confirm unequivocally that a Christian who says that Jesus is the only son of the one true God cannot be arrested for hate crime or any other offence, however much it may offend a Muslim or anyone of any other religion?”  Government spokesperson Baroness Vere of Norbiton responded equivocally, adding that the legal definition of “hate crime” has been the same for the past 10 years.

But as Pearson explained in a later interview, the current definition of “hate crime” is subjective and revolves around whether the “victim” feels offended—thus leaving the door wide open to charging those who proclaim Christ and the Trinity of committing a hate crime, especially vis-à-vis Muslims, who adamantly object to the claim, as Pearson himself acknowledged: “Certainly the stricter Muslims do feel offended by Christianity and our belief in Jesus being the only Son of the one true God.”

Pearson also pointed to a double standard in how “hate crimes” are applied: “You can say what you like about the Virgin Birth, the miracles and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but as soon as you say ‘come on, is Islam really the religion of peace that it claims to be,’ all hell breaks loose.” more …

Opinion: In Matthew 24:10 Jesus warned that one of the signs of the end of the age would be people being so offended they would betray and hate one another.

The time is just before the tribulation period, just after the rapture of the church when Daniel’s 70th week (Daniel 9:24-27), or 7 years of tribulation is beginning.

It is important to recognize that Matthew 24, (Mark 13, Luke 21) refers to Israel and not to the church. In the Olivet Discourse Jesus describes the times:

False christs, wars and rumors of war, kingdoms would rise against kingdoms, nations against nations, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes and believers’ persecution.

Jesus called it the beginning of sorrows.

Somehow the idea of people being offended became the buzz word during the Obama years. And causing offence to any people group would get a person branded with a myriad of politically incorrect names: Racist, Islamophobe, Homophobe or Misogynist.

Just as racist was the clear favorite during the administration of the first black president, Islamophobe is way out in front today after Donald Trump’s travel ban.

And if we keep an eye on what is taking place in the UK we can prepare for what will also happen here in the US. Want proof? Look at how many US judges, politicians and progressives were/are against the president’s move to block migrants (mostly men) from known terror nations.

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Lots of people are offended today: Homosexuals are offended that Bible-believing Christians refuse to cater their weddings. Transgenders are offended if they’re referred to as he or she instead of ‘ze‘, and pretty much everyone, except Christians, are offended by the mere mention that the only way to salvation is by accepting the atoning  sacrifice of Jesus Christ as payment for sin (Acts 16:31).

(for more on Daniel’s 70 week see Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 5: ‘The 70 Weeks of Daniel’ here)