‘Working poor’ uprising in Iran may have power to topple hardline regime


Washington Times: The wave of violent protests churning across Iran differs dramatically from the last major uprising that rocked the country in 2009 and could spiral out of control if the regime moves too quickly toward military-style tactics to crush the unrest.

While the abortive Green Revolution eight years ago was driven mainly by the children of wealthy political elites in Tehran in the wake of a questionable election, the spontaneous protests this time around are unfolding across the country and driven by what analysts describe as “the working poor” — a segment of the population that has little to lose in the face of a crackdown by the regime.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has tread lightly since the protests began last week, weighed in for the first time Tuesday by claiming the protests were being spurred on by “enemies of Iran.” His remarks came in the wake of harsh comments from President Trump on Twitter on the government’s handling of the popular protests amid reports of hundreds of arrests and 21 deaths caused by the unrest.

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A sign in the rust-belt town of Youngstown, Ohio, on Route 7, read simply, “Cross Over: Vote Trump”.

Donald Trump won white voters lacking a college degree by an extraordinary 39 points. The middle-class Christian right overflowed Trump rallies:

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If the Mullahs underestimate the working man, Khamenei will not be able to rely on Obama to save him this time.