New York Times Op-Ed: Why We Are on a Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons, Marwan Barghouti


New York Times: Having spent the last 15 years in an Israeli prison, I have been both a witness to and a victim of Israel’s illegal system of mass arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners. After exhausting all other options, I decided there was no choice but to resist these abuses by going on a hunger strike.

Some 1,000 Palestinian prisoners have decided to take part in this hunger strike, which begins today, the day we observe here as Prisoners’ Day. Hunger striking is the most peaceful form of resistance available.

It inflicts pain solely on those who participate and on their loved ones, in the hopes that their empty stomachs and their sacrifice will help the message resonate beyond the confines of their dark cells. more …

File photo: Marwan Barghouti appears in a Jerusalem court, January 25, 2012. (Flash90)

Opinion: The New York Times liberal, progressive, Israel-hating bias is on full display.

Imagine giving Dylann Roof, the mass murderer and white supremacist convicted of killing nine people in the June 2015 Charleston church shooting, an op-ed to air his grievances on America’s justice system.

Marwan Barghouti was convicted of five murders and an attempted murder in June 2004. One of his victims was a Greek Orthodox priest he mistook for a rabbi.

Barghouti is the former leader of the Tanzim, armed wing of Fatah, and the founder of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a Fatah terror group responsible for dozens of suicide bombings and many more shooting attacks against Israeli vehicles in Judea.

In the West Bank and Gaza, many call him the heir to the father of modern day terrorism;Yasser Arafat.

Barghouti was convicted on five counts of murder and one attempted murder, and was implicated in and held responsible for four other terror attacks. He is serving five life terms for the murders, and an additional 40 years for attempted murder.

But this is Israel and Barghouti’s victims are Jewish, so justice is upside down. The New York Times tagline on the article called Barghouti ‘a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian’.

On Monday some 1,100 prisoners began a mass hunger strike called by none other than Marwan Barghouti.

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