Will Iran’s Power Grab cause conflict with Saudi Arabia?



Debkafile: “debkafile’s intelligence and Iranian sources account for the delay in publishing the nuclear watchdog’s report by the “corners” Iran was still trying to cut:

  1. Washington and Tehran have claimed that the Iranians fulfilled their commitment to pour concrete into the core of the Arak reactor to disable its capacity for producing plutonium. Two days ago, on Thursday, Iranian officials denied this had been done.
  2.  That deal provided for the number of centrifuges enriching uranium at the Natanz center to be reduced from 19,500 to 5,050. Our sources report that 9,000 are still in operation.
  3. There is no confirmation that the number of centrifuges operating at the underground facility of Fordo was cut down to one thousand, as agreed.

Opinion: From a Biblical view, there is no war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia at the time of the war of Gog and Magog is depicted as powerless (Ezekiel 38:13) which could have happened as a result of conflict.

The Iran nuclear deal and release of sanctions is not only possibly the worst deal in history, but one that may lead to the succession of final wars and the end of the age.

Sound too dramatic?

In addition to the three points above, consider this:

  • Iran has not signed any documents but agreed verbally only
  • Iran consistently calls Israel a cancerous tumor and calls for her destruction
  • Iran has just received from $100-150 billion to spend on terror affiliates Hamas and Hezbollah
  • Iran fired a missile within 1500 yards from US Navy ships
  • Iran was reported to have a missile locked on a US ship as a target
  • Five days prior to the release of sanctions, Iran forced American sailors to their knees with hands on head at gunpoint for a photo-op to show the world who is boss


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