Will Lame-duck Obama Implement More Radical Agenda Items Before End of Term?



The New American: “After President John Adams lost to Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800, he used this time to make a multitude of political appointments, including filling the post of chief of justice of the Supreme Court with John Marshall. Adams left office in 1801, but Marshall remained on the court until 1835. (This is a dramatic illustration of the importance placed on Supreme Court appointments during the just-past presidential campaign.)

The Republican-controlled Senate has already made clear that Obama will not be allowed to make a repeat of that history-changing nomination, opting to not even hold hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, offered as a replacement for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

But Obama still holds the reins of executive power until Trump takes the oath of office, and there are many more radical moves he could make in an effort to extend his influence beyond the end of his term of office.”

Opinion: The dictionary should make words radical and Obama interchangeable. There are three potential outrageous moves that he could make just to stick it to us one more time:

  • Use the threat of Federal funds to pressure public schools across America to open their showers and restrooms to transgender students.
  • Use pro-TPP Republicans to push through the Trans Pacific Partnership
  • Use his pardon pen on Hillary, Huma and Weiner, depriving the American people of justice

January 20, 2017 cannot get here fast enough.