Woke Toys: Mattel Births First-ever “Transgender” Barbie Doll


Disney took it on the chin after getting political and opposing Florida’s parental-rights bill. Netflix recently told its employees that if they were offended by the company’s politically incorrect content, they could quit. But this hasn’t stopped Mattel from leaning heavily into the sexual devolutionary agenda and birthing a freaky first:

The toy maker has created the world’s first “transgender” Barbie doll.

How one identifies a MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status, aka “transgender”) doll was not reported. Does it have have “bottom surgery” scars, a therapist, and a cross-sex hormone prescription? What is known is that this Barbie is the latest in a line of sexually confused (they call them “gender-nonconforming”) dolls that Mattel rolled out in 2019.

The Gateway Pundit reports on the story:

The corporate effort to indoctrinate children into believing they are born in the wrong body is reaching new heights under the Biden administration.

Toymaker Mattel has partnered with transgender actor Laverne Cox to create its first transgender Barbie doll modeled after the Emmy Award-winning celebrity’s likeness.

The symbol of body dysmorphia will be featured in Mattel’s “Tribute Collection Barbie” edition and retail for $39.99.

“He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created.” Genesis 5:2

Transgender Barbie hit store shelves ahead of Cox’s 50th birthday in honor of his “impact as an advocate for LGTBQ rights,” People Magazine reports.

Cox, famous for being the first non-white transgender “woman” to land a leading role in a scripted television series while starring in the Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black,” calls the transgender toy “healing” and a reminder “that trans is beautiful.”

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