Women in Combat: A Terrible Idea Whose Time Has Come?



Front Page Mag: “Men and women in uniform, whose voices have been raised but not heard, are facing situations in which men in the combat arms will be less prepared for the violence of combat, and women will be targets of resentment they do not deserve,” she said.

“The administration is planning to assign significant numbers of minimally-qualified young women to small fighting units, on an involuntary basis, and to send them to fight ISIS and other vicious enemies under conditions that involve higher risks for women than for men,” she warned senators.

“This is being done even though officials are well aware that women’s physical capabilities are far less than men’s and their risks of injury are far greater,” “This is not a ‘pro-woman’ policy; it is a cruel deception, betraying the interests of uniformed women who deserve better.” (Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness)

Opinion: “I will put enmity between thee and the woman…” Genesis 3:15

“There is a deeper level of meaning in this brief proto-evangel, but on the surface of it lies a profound truth; though Satan hates all of the human race, He harbors a special hatred for women. Satan successfully seduced the woman and her husband into defecting from God, but in God’s mercy the woman would be specially involved in the salvation.

Salvation would come through the birth of a miracle baby, the ” seed of the woman”. He would enter into the world to break the head of the serpent and to undo the primal curse.

Satan hates women. Consider the Satanic religions, such as Islam. How Muslims are taught to hate and despise women! So also the Satanic religion of secular humanism, and its deformed spawn, feminism. Feminism isn’t based upon love for women, it is instead hatred and contempt for all that is unique to women, the role of wife, mother, nurturer.” (Excerpt from Pastor Bill Randles Blog)

The hatred of women is cloaked in “Equal pay for equal work” is shrouded in abortion as a “woman’s choice; right to her body” and it is distorted in the progressive idea that women don’t really need a man except as a sperm donor.

God created the human species with specific roles for each to play. It is when men and women take it upon themselves to alter God’s plan, that pain and confusion destroys man’s God-ordained unit: the family, focused on God the Creator.

Washington Examiner Headline “What if Hillary is Indicted@ BPTnews.org