Israel 365: Last week, the World Council of Churches published an article claiming that Israel is evicting a clan of Bedouins from their land. The article, based on disinformation and lies, is part of an ongoing anti-Israel agenda the WCC has been carrying out.

The article, titled Bedouins of Pope’s Hill fight eviction claimed the Bedouins had arrived at the location, Jabal al Baba (mountain of the Pope) before Israel became an independent state in 1948. The site is located between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, adjacent to the city of Maaleh Adumim. The WCC article attributes the name of the site to it being given to Pope Paul VI during his visit to the Holy Land in 1964 and the location is, therefore, “Vatican property.”

“Community leader Atallah Jahalin explains that, after 1948, they had freedom to travel in the West Bank and they had an economy based on their livestock, but that after the 1967 war with the occupation of the West Bank, Israel ‘started building settlements and creating new roads around us, which put our families and livestock in danger of ramming incidents and we lost lives in these incidents’,” the WCC article wrote.

It should be noted that in 1948, Judea and Samaria were illegally occupied by Jordan, an occupation that was not recognized by any country other than Great Britain. It would, therefore, be illegal for any land to be gifted by Jordan. Read More …

Opinion: Christian anti-Semites are the most deceptive. They operate under the guise of being followers of Jesus Christ.

The World Council Churches plight for Bedouins is another excuse used to bash Israel. Only Abraham and his descendants were promised the land (Genesis 17:7-8).

The WCC organization’s members include denominations which claim to collectively represent some 590 million people across the world. They are in about 150 countries, including 520,000 local congregations served by 493,000 pastors and priests, in addition to elders, teachers, members of parish councils and others.

The WCC, like the Roman Catholic church, adheres to replacement theology, a belief that God replaced His chosen people, Israel, with the church, and the church is now the beneficiary of God’s covenant and promises to Abraham. The result is overt and massive anti-Semitism.

The combined WCC and RCC followers represent some 1.8 billion self-described Christians, outnumbering all of Islam, not counting amillennial denominations that think the Church IS Israel.

Do you see the problem? 1930’s style anti-Semitism has returned and with it a deadly form of Christian anti-Semitism and a US administration dedicated to the failed two-state solution.

Arabs Palestinians have turned down a state inside Israel every year beginning in 1947 right up to 2014, when talks led by John Kerry broke down. Take a guess who Kerry blamed:

Of course the breakdown was blamed on Israel, when in fact, Arab Palestinians have never, and will never, have any right to the land Isaac gave to Jacob, Genesis 27:28-29 NIV.