Oct 202014


YNet News: “Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suggested Jews should be banned from a holy site revered by both Jews and Muslims after hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza participated in a Hamas-organized rally Friday over Jerusalem’s flashpoint al-Aqsa mosque, the scene of recurring clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in recent days.”

Opinion: The blessing given to Jacob, whom God renamed Israel, is the root of Esau’s (Abbas) hatred today:

To Jacob: “May God give you heaven’s dew and earth’s richness—an abundance of grain and new wine. May nations serve you and peoples bow down to you. Be lord over your brothers, and may the sons of your mother bow down to you. May those who curse you be cursed and those who bless you be blessed” Genesis 27:28-29

To Esau: “Your dwelling will be away from the earth’s richness, away from the dew of heaven above. You will live by the sword and you will serve your brother. But when you grow restless, you will throw his yoke from off your neck” Genesis 27:39-40.

Esau’s hatred festered over the blessing:

“Esau held a grudge against Jacob because of the blessing his father had given him. He said to himself, “The days of mourning for my father are near; then I will kill my brother Jacob” Genesis 27:41.

Isaiah 60:14 speaks to the future fulfillment of Jacob and and Esau’s feud through their descendants:

“The children of your oppressors will come bowing before you; all who despise you will bow down at your feet and will call you the City of the LordZion of the Holy One of Israel.”


Oct 202014

The Daily Beast: “While U.S. warplanes strike at the militants of the so-called Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq, truckloads of U.S. and Western aid has been flowing into territory controlled by the jihadists, assisting them to build their terror-inspiring “caliphate.”

The aid—mainly food and medical equipment—is meant for Syrians displaced from their hometowns, and for hungry civilians. It is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, European donors, and the United Nations. Whether it continues is now the subject of anguished debate among officials in Washington and European. The fear is that stopping aid would hurt innocent civilians and would be used for propaganda purposes by the militants, who would likely blame the West for added hardship.”


Oct 202014


Breaking Israel News: “Hamas’s armed wing is reconstructing terror tunnels damaged by Israel during Operation Protective Edge. The terror group’s newspaper reported on Sunday that Hamas is carrying out the work under the protection of the humanitarian ceasefire currently in place.

A reporter from Al-Resalah interviewed a team of Al-Qassam tunnel diggers working along the border between Gaza and Israel. While not allowed to enter the tunnel for fear that it would collapse, the writer described the diggers like “bees in a hive.”

The diggers explained that they were motivated to rebuild the attack tunnels because “every inch they dig helps spill the blood of an Israeli soldier or kidnap one.”

Opinion: I don’t know how I missed the prophetic parallels on the tunnels before. In our book Antichrist: The search for Amalek (page 63) we posted two prophecies that speak to the deceptive cunning of Esau:

Jeremiah 49:10 NIV: “But I will strip Esau bare; I will uncover his hiding places, so that he cannot conceal himself …”

Obadiah 1:6 NIV “But how Esau will be ransacked, his hidden treasures pillaged!

For 50 days the IDF searched for and destroyed hundreds of tunnels that are now being rebuilt, as the world watches.


Oct 202014

T1413570167828_cachedhe Daily Beast: “American military operations to fight Ebola in Africa are unfolding quickly—forcing the military to come up with some procedures and protocols on the fly.

Soldiers preparing for deployment to West Africa are given just four hours of Ebola-related training before leaving to combat the epidemic. And the first 500 soldiers to arrive have been holing up in Liberian hotels and government facilities while the military builds longer-term infrastructure on the ground.

A team of two can train as many as 50 personnel over that four-hour time frame, USAMRIID told The Daily Beast. The training includes hands-on instruction on how to put on, remove, and decontaminate personal protective equipment, followed by a practical test to ensure that soldiers understand the procedures.”

Opinion: Half-hearted and poorly executed plans appear to be the modus operandi of the Obama administration. But this time, the best trained fighting force in the world is in harm’s way for, of all things, … lack of training.

On Saturday, after a 5 hour round of golf, President Obama met with his national security and public health teams to update him on the response to the domestic Ebola cases, according to The Daily News:

The meeting concluded with a discussion of broader steps to increase the preparedness of our health sector nationwide,” which one would imagine the newly appointed Ebola Czar would be directing – think again!”

Ron Klain, who was appointed Ebola Czar on Friday by the president, was not in attendance.


Oct 202014


World Net Daily: “New York Times) The pastor of one of the more influential global mega-churches has declared that his church is in “an ongoing conversation” about same-sex marriage — saying that it is appropriate to consider the words of the Bible alongside the changing culture and the experience of people in the pews.

The comments by Brian Houston, the senior pastor of Hillsong, immediately attracted concern from the right and applause from the left, coming as many Christian denominations and congregations are struggling with how to respond to rapid expansion of gay rights and legalization of same-sex marriage.

Mr. Houston’s church, which is based in Australia, is known largely as a musical powerhouse because of the popularity of its recordings of contemporary Christian worship music, but its youthful congregation is vast — about 100,000 weekly worshipers at campuses in a dozen major cities, including New York and Los Angeles — and its cultural reach broad.”

Opinion: Hillsong church in Australia is affiliated with Australian Christian Churches. The church was founded in 1983 when the Sydney Christian Life Centre at Waterloo, which was established by Frank Houston, merged with the Hills Christian Life Centre in Baulkham Hills, established by his son, Brian Houston.

Hillsong has over 30,000 members and is one of the largest, if not the largest, distributor of “worship music” in the world.  

Matthew 7:16 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

We cannot change God’s word and open wide the gate designed for only a remnant to get through.

Homosexuality is sin and all sin carries the penalty of eternal death of the soul and spirit. Sin requires blood atonement. Jesus Christ provided the pardon for all sin past, present and future to those who accept His free gift.

When a pardon is refused, the guilty party must suffer the penalty.

United States v. Wilson, 32 U.S. 150 (1833), was a trial in which the defendant, George Wilson, was convicted of robbing the US mail and endangering the life of  postal worker in Pennsylvania and sentenced to death. Due to his friends’ influence, Wilson was pardoned by President Andrew Jackson. Wilson, astoundingly, refused the pardon. The Supreme Court was then asked to rule on the case.

The Court’s decision written by Chief Justice John Marshall stated that if the prisoner does not accept the pardon, it is of no effect:

“A pardon is a deed, to the validity of which delivery is essential, and delivery is not complete without acceptance. It may then be rejected by the person to whom it is tendered; and if it is rejected, we have discovered no power in this court to force it upon him. Therefore, George Wilson must die.””

George Wilson preferred death over a free pardon. In the same way, many choose hell over a free pardon.

Oct 192014


The World Awaiting Jesus

Did you know there were about 400 “silent” years after the last of the inspired prophets spoke and the first of the New Testament writers began to write? There’s a word in Paul’s letter to the Galatians that says, “When the time had fully come, God sent forth His Son, born of woman, born under the law.” (Gal. 4:4)

In other words, the time of our Lord’s birth was God’s appointed hour, the moment for which God had been long preparing. Some of the exciting preparations took place during that time of “silence,” and you will understand your New Testament much better if you understand something of the historic events during the  time between the Testaments.

Commonly known as the Intertestamental Period, there were monumental events which shaped the world into which Jesus was eventually born. The land of Palestine, occupied by the returning Israelite exiles, became the brokered pawn of major empires that entered and exited the world stage.  The great Persian empire fell with the rise of the Greeks and Alexander the Great, whose demise gave way to independence under the Ptolemies, eventually to succumb to Caesar and the mighty Romans.

Today’s Post is a short study written by Ray C. Stedman.  Ray was pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California for 40 years. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, he was an outstanding Bible expositor and travelled around the world.  Ray was an ardent and faithful supporter of the Jewish people and the State of Israel all his life.  All of his sermons and his biography are available online.  A number of his messages are especially relevant towards better understanding the relationships between Christians and Jews, and God’s program for Israel as different from that of the church of Jesus Christ.

Ray went to be with the LORD on October 07, 1992. His clear and profound love for his Savior survives in his numerous devotionals, studies, sermons, and books.


CLICK on the BLUE Headline Link ABOVE to read Ray’s study on “BETWEEN THE TESTAMENTS”.


Oct 182014

kerryBreaking Israel News: “Speaking at a State Department ceremony marking the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, Kerry said that “it is imperative that we find a way to get back to the negotiations.”

Kerry, who just returned from Egypt where he attended an international conference that raised billions of dollars towards the reconstruction of Gaza, called for both sides to return to the negotiating table.

Kerry added that the ultimate goal of peace talks is “to find a way to create two states that can live together side by side, two peoples, with both of their aspirations being respected.”

“I still believe that’s possible, and I still believe we need to work towards it.”

Opinion; One of our readers sent me the Breaking Israel News website. They post a Bible verse at the top of the home page. Click on the link above and check out the verse they used for this story.

(Thanks to Nannette)

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