Jun 252016

After reading a dozen articles this morning about BREXIT and its expected aftermath, I was reminded of the 2014 Ebola scare.

The headlines screamed of world-wide contagion, governments were panicking, and people became fearful of even getting on airplanes.

On October 14, 2014 a headline from CNS News warned that the virus would be spread by mass migration:

“Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, commander of the U.S. Southern Command, predicted last week that the Ebola virus will not be contained in West Africa, and if infected people flee those countries and spread the disease to Central and South America, it could cause “mass migration into the United States” of those seeking treatment.”

It was on that day, while recalling the 2003 SARS panic, that we said this: “The panic soon passed, and if we are where I think we are on the Bible’s timeline, this will pass as well”.

While the Bible does call for global government in the last days before the return of Jesus Christ, the exact timing is not known to us. Daniel 7, 9, 11 and Revelation 6 and 13 all prophesy a world leader that comes wearing a victor’s crown carrying a bow with no arrows (Revelation 6:1-2).

He makes peace with Israel and her neighbors and will amaze the world. Precisely 42 months into his reign he will stand in a rebuilt temple in Israel and declare himself god (Daniel 9:27).

The next 42 months will be hell on earth as three sets of 7 judgments are unleashed on a Christ-rejecting world:

  • Rev 6:1-17; 8:1-5 (Seal)
  • Rev 8:6-13; 11:15-19 (Trumpet)
  • Rev 16:1-21 (Bowl)

So, while some BREXIT  headlines are still predicting that it will never happen (here), other headlines claim that BREXIT will free the world from global government (here), and, still others proclaimed the financial collapse on Friday is only the beginning (here) –  keep in mind that God has got this one as well:

“The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect.  The counsel of the Lord stands forever. The plans of His heart to all generations.” Psalm 33:10-11


Jun 252016


Townhall: “The Schengen Agreement abolished many of the EU’s internal borders, enabling passport-free movement across most of the bloc.

Schengen is often criticised by nationalists and Eurosceptics who say it is an open door for migrants and criminals.

The 13 November Paris attacks, which killed 130 people, prompted an urgent rethink of the Schengen agreement. Schengen is often criticised by nationalists and Eurosceptics who say it is an open door for migrants and criminals.”

rsmilesOpinion: It was Angela Merkel’s decision in summer 2015 that opened the doors to 1.1 million (mostly male) unvetted Middle Eastern and North African migrants.

And it was President Obama who said that Mrs. Merkel “was on the right side of history”, and opened the doors of the US to 10,000 Syrians despite FBI warnings that vetting the refugees was not possible.

By the end of summer, Merkel was calling for more help from other EU countries as crime and chaos swept Germany:

  • French President François Hollande promised to welcome an additional 24,000
  • In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron said the U.K. would resettle up to 20,000

Sensing backlash from frightened citizens, Poland and Hungary pushed back forcefully against calls for them to absorb more refugees.

While open borders progressive politicians were repudiated on Thursday night, only one, David Cameron has stepped down.

Who’s next?

Jun 252016


BREXIT, The Times of Israel: “Britain’s shock vote to pull out of the European Union wiped $2.1 trillion from global equity markets Friday as traders panicked in the face of a new threat to the global economy.

Investors fled to the safety of gold, the yen and blue-chip bonds as the seismic shift in the structure of Europe left many huge questions hanging, including who will lead Britain following the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Brexit vote sparked eight percent losses in the Tokyo and Paris bourses, nearly seven percent in Frankfurt and more than three percent in London and New York.”

Opinion: The financial markets have been supported by central banks since the first quantitative easing program began in Japan in 2001.

The Federal Reserve joined in the money printing party in 2008-9 in an effort to hold down interest rates and inject inflation to a dead economy.

QE1 led to QE2, and QE3 followed, leading to 4 trillion in debt and a still lifeless economy.

By 2014, all that fresh new money that was supposed to lead to 2% inflation only managed to get to 0.o4%. In the meantime Obamacare and tens of thousands of onerous new business regulations created the 30 hour work week complete with part-time jobs with no benefits.

As of now 94 million Americans have left the work force while unemployment reports paint a false picture of 4.7% employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not count those who stopped looking for work when calculating the unemployment numbers.

Wages have not grown in the US in 40 years.

It is very early to rank BREXIT with the failure of Lehman in 2008. Central banks still have a few tricks up their sleeve and it could well be that QE4 is just around the corner.

At the end of the day, it is becoming clear that a massive global economic collapse is coming on the order of the Black Horse rider of Rev 5:5-6.

But before that happens the Church is taken up to meet Christ in the air (1 Thess 4:16-18) and the White Horse rider(Antichrist) of Rev 6:1-2 will step on to the world stage.

As Paul said, comfort one another with those words.

Jun 242016


World Net Daily: “Without comment or explanation, an app-based “game” on Google Play that lets users “live like a real Jew in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp” has been removed after it was widely condemned.

At United with Israel, Colette Avital of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors said, “We cannot understand how the top management of Google approved such a cynical game, turning the martyrdom of six million Jews into an object for amusement and enjoyment.”

One user expressed his enjoyment at playing the game and said the only problem was ‘that every 20 minutes I find the full oven and I have to come to remove ash’,” the report said.”

Opinion: At a time when the supra-national EU oligarchy is under threat of collapse, it was no surprise to hear that the app was developed in Zaragoza, Spain.

And it is even less of a surprise that since January, 2016, Europe is setting records for Jewish migration to Israel.

While progressive left western governments wring their collective hands over Islamophobia, anti-Semitism the most pernicious form of racism, is running wild.

Ezekiel 39:22 reminds us that Zionism, the Jews returning to Israel, will reach its conclusion before the start of the tribulation when all Jews will be back in the land.

(Thanks to Josh for sending this in)

Jun 242016


The New American: “It is now nearly certain that Hillary Clinton will be announced as the Democratic nominee at the convention in July. But how has she managed to gain the nomination with a campaign and a career steeped in scandal? The short answer appears to be that Hillary has friends in high-tech places.

One of those friends is billionaire Eric Schmidt, who is the chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Last year, Schmidt launched a start-up company known as The Groundwork, which has the goal of ensuring “that Clinton has the engineering talent needed to win the election,” according to Democratic campaign operatives. QZ.com reported in October.”

Opinion: On May 9, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook were accused by unnamed former Facebook contractors, as reported by tech site Gizmodo,that conservative views were being suppressed.

Now we have the Hillary being helped along by Eric Schmidt of Google – manipulating the “digital outreach” in order to skew the data analytics and engineering the way facts are perceived.

Yesterday, globalists like Zuckerberg, Schmidt, and Clinton were trumped.

Jun 242016


Business Insider: “Britons voted on whether the UK should “Remain” or “Leave” the 28-nation bloc between 7 a.m. BST and 10 p.m. BST on Thursday June 23, and results were counted overnight.

As of 7 a.m. BST, the final results show 51.9% voted to leave the EU versus 48.1% that voted for Britain to stay within the EU. That’s 17,410,742 votes for Leave and 16,141,241 votes for Remain.

The total turnout was 72.2% out of 46,499,537 people that were entitled to take part in the vote. This is a record number for a UK poll.”

Opinion: Here is what we know so far:

Yesterday, June 23, 2016 will be remembered as the day that the world struck down globalist progressive bureaucrats and said NO to open immigration.

Yesterday morning, a tie vote in the Supreme Court blocked Barack Obama’s amnesty plan.

Last night, Britain voted for freedom from the oppressive beast called the European Union.

Today, early stock market futures are in turmoil, gold is rising, the 10 year treasury is now below 1.5%, the 10 year Japanese bond yield is minus o.215% and the British pound plummeted to a 31 year low.

Today U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who campaigned for the remain vote, announced his intention to resign by October.

Here is what we don’t know:

  • How the wounded beast of globalism will fight back
  • How many other countries in the EU will follow Britain
  • Will Brussels find a new super president to stabilize the chaos
  • When global markets will calm down

Here is what we know for sure:

  • In a highly charged and emotional time it is best to avoid quick financial decisions
  • Over the next days/weeks the political and financial landscapes are likely to settle down
  • God is still in control Daniel 2:21, Romans 13:1
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