Oct 302014

1414665338948_cachedThe Daily Beast: “Only two days ago, President Barack Obama’s envoy to the Syrian rebels, retired Marine Gen. John Allen, explained confidently that the U.S. would help to train and equip Western-backed fighters to become a credible force that would compel the Assad regime to negotiate a political deal and end the four-year-long civil war.

Yeah. Right. The Obama administration’s plans have little or nothing to do with what is unfolding all too rapidly on the ground: Rebel brigades are demoralized, disintegrating, and fighting among themselves.”

Opinion: In one of very few times I have agreed with the president, arming so-called moderate Sunni Muslims was and is, a horrible idea.

‘Moderate’ Islam is an American invention. A moderate Muslim is like a non-practicing Jew, or Christian, and it is naïve to believe that Mujahidin fighters in Syria fit that profile.

But time is running out on Syria in more ways than one. Bashar Assad’s army is capitalizing on that lack of leadership and coordination of the rebel forces: “Last week in a 36-hour period, Assad’s air force launched 210 airstrikes, according to generally reliable opposition activists. That’s more than the entire American-led coalition has mounted in both Iraq and Syria since Sept. 22.”

Bashar Assad is by far the most vocal in anti-Israel rhetoric having threatening to rain down rockets on Tel Aviv on several occasions. If even one off those rockets were to include a chemical weapon, Isaiah 17:1.14 calling for the destruction of Damascus would happen just the way it was prophesied … overnight.


Oct 302014


The New American: “An illegal immigrant who was deported twice before returning to the United States has been accused of killing two Northern California sheriff’s officers in separate incidents on October 24.

A report in the Los Angeles Daily News noted that the illegal immigrant, Luis Monroy-Bracamontes, allegedly shot and killed Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver in a Motel 6 parking lot. Shortly afterwards, Monroy-Bracamontes allegedly murdered Placer County Sheriff Detective Michael David Davis, Jr. The two shootings occurred within a six-hour time frame.

The New York Times reported that Monroy-Bracamontes was apprehended and booked in the Sacramento County jail, after which his fingerprints were used by federal immigration authorities to identify him. His record showed that he had entered the United States illegally from Mexico, was deported in 1997, and reentered this country and remained here illegally for more than a decade before being deported a second time in 2001. His illegal status was uncovered the first time after drug and weapon-related arrests. Despite those previous arrests and deportations, Monroy-Bracamontes came back and stayed until last week’s shootings and arrest.”

Opinion: On July 5, 2014 President Obama said “Don’t make it harder for the best and brightest to come here.

For new readers, it is important to know that my wife’s family came from Cuba. We are sensitive to the plight of people that escape dictators, oppression, or poverty and seek a better life for their families. And the United States is still the best country in the world in which to live.

But, granting legal citizenship to people seeking a better life, is not what the president and his ideologues are up to. The president is flooding our economy by opening up the borders of the United States to any and all peoples regardless of criminal background, medical condition, or intent to work and provide for themselves.

Is there a better way to take America’s power?


Oct 302014

larazaThe Daily Caller: “The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID.

“Voter ID laws are at-issue across the country, with newly Republican-controlled legislatures having passed them in numerous states after the 2010 election,” explained The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. “Most states still request some form of ID, but don’t require it. Another 20 states don’t require identification. In case you’re wondering where your state is at in all of this, a helpful (sic) graphic from the Post’s graphics team.”

Opinion: Who can forget the Obama July 25, 2011 speech to La Raza, “I wish I could bypass Congress and change things on my own but that’s not how our system works.”

The audience began chanting, “Yes, you can; yes, you can.”

Did somebody say banana republic? The progressive left would like everyone, friend and foe – legal and illegal alike, to vote on America’s future. The end game is the destruction of the two-party system of government, or to put it another way, the total transformation of America.

Code for global government.


Oct 302014

Zero Hedge: “If, as Lacy Hunt (Hosington Investment Mgt.) explains “debt is an increase in current spending in lieu of future spending,” then we have some ‘un-spending’ to do…”

Opinion: Quantitative Easing (QE) officially ended yesterday at 2 PM with an announcement from Janet Yellen, Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed is comfortable that the US economy has sufficiently recovered so that stimulus (new money) is not needed any longer.


The US economy is addicted to Fed money with 4 trillion having been injected into the economy since 2008. Without the Fed’s massive bond-buying program, interest rates will slowly rise, making the US pay more to finance its ever growing debt.

If, or I should say when, the debt burden (interest payments) begins to increase the deficit, the Fed will be backed into a corner and be forced to come back with more stimulus.

By that time it may be too late.

The apocalyptic Black Horse scenario of Revelation 6:5-6 is still in the early stages but clearly in view.



Oct 302014


The Times Of Israel: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that he will not be deterred from “defending Israel” by personal attacks, in response to a report that quoted an anonymous US official calling him a “chicken—-.”

“I was personally attacked purely because I defend Israel, and despite all the attacks against me, I will continue to defend our country, I will continue to defend the citizens of Israel,” Netanyahu told the Knesset.

Opinion: We wrote about this yesterday. My first inclination was to expose the hypocrisy of comparing PM Netanyahu with former  secular progressive Jewish leaders.

But as I reflected on my post, it occurred to me that I could not remember any time in history that a member of a White House team actually called the leader of any nation a chicken****.

Let alone an ally.

But this is the Barack Hussein Obama administration. This ideologically anti-Semitic team has denigrated and harassed PM Netanyahu over and over again for six years, even drawing a moral equivalence with the terror group Hamas.

America has and will continue to pay for our leaders’ behavior. The covenant (Genesis 12:3) God made with Abraham was never rescinded, but reinforced in Romans 9:3-4, meaning it still applies today.

And here is the part that amazes even me; no one in the White House is apologizing for it.

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Oct 292014


Breaking Israel News:”The one who conceals hatred has lying lips, and whoever utters slander is a fool.” (Proverbs 10:18)

“Diplomatic relations between Israel and the US are in a “full-blown crisis” amid growing reports of hostility between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama, The Atlantic reported on Tuesday.

In an article written by Jeffry Goldberg, a senior Obama administration official explained that the supposed “unbreakable” bond between Israel and the US “is now the worst it’s ever been.”

“The good thing about Netanyahu is that he’s scared to launch wars,” the senior official stated. “The bad thing about him is that he won’t do anything to reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or with the Sunni Arab states.”

“The only thing he’s interested in is protecting himself from political defeat. He’s not [Yitzhak] Rabin, he’s not [Ariel] Sharon, he’s certainly no [Menachem] Begin]. He’s got no guts,” the official added.”

Opinion: Let’s look at the former Israeli leaders favored by the Obama administration, in order:

Menachem Begin: On September 17, 1978 Begin, along with President Jimmy Carter and Anwar Sadat, signed the Camp David Accords. Israel agreed to return the Sinai (land for peace) to Egypt. Begin lived his last years in seclusion until his death in 1992. Anwar Sadat was assassinated.

Yitzhak Rabin signed the 1993 Oslo Accords with US President Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat giving autonomy to the Palestinians over the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and the Gaza Strip (land for peace). On November 4, 1995 Rabin was assassinated at a peace rally.

Ariel Sharon: After signing the Gaza Expulsion Plan (land for peace) in September 2005, he suffered a massive stroke on January 3, 2006 and shortly after lapsed into a coma. He remained that way until his death eight years later on January 11, 2014.

The three secular leaders were determined to divide the covenant land in exchange for peace – regardless of the consequences: “I will also gather all nations, And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat; And I will enter into judgment with them there On account of My people, My heritage Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided up My land …” Joel 3:2-3.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a Torah (OT) student – which gives him clear instruction on God’s perspective over Israel and makes him an enemy of secular progressives.

Oct 292014

screen-shot-2014-10-27-5International Business Times: “Pennsylvania state police say they have a new silent ally in their search for suspected cop-killer Eric Frein — an unmanned balloon equipped with high-resolution cameras. The Ohio State Department of Transportation has loaned the “eye in the sky” to act as a quieter, low-cost alternative to helicopters and other methods of aerial surveillance.

The balloon’s cameras can spot people over 3 miles away.

Opinion: For all those storing up weapons, food, and camping gear for hiding in the woods during the coming insurrection, Antichrist will have powerful tools at his disposal.

Better to “Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.” Matthew 6:19-21

(Thanks to Nannette for sending this in)

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