Oct 132016


Daily Mail UK: “Tensions mount over the prospect of a global war ”

  • Russian officials have been ‘told to bring relatives home to the Motherland’
  • Failure to act will put promotion chances at risk, according to local reports
  • Comes amid worsening relations between Russia and US over Syria crisis
  • US has pulled plug on Syria talks and accused Russia of hacking attacks
  • Russia has moved nuclear-capable missiles nearer to the Polish border

Opinion: Czar Putin knows that President Obama is contemplating another fundamental change to U.S. national security policy: a declaration of “no first use” regarding nuclear weapons.

The Washington Times: “No U.S. president would ever make the decision lightly to use nuclear weapons in conflict. But to think that a situation requiring first strike could never arise is arrogant and imprudent.

To make matters worse, a “no first use” policy would undermine U.S. nonproliferation goals. Over 30 allies rely on the U.S. nuclear deterrent, but most are technologically capable of developing their own nuclear weapons. Some, like Japan, could do so within weeks. Yet they have forgone developing nuclear weapons as a result of U.S. assurances. This is a good thing, because the fewer nuclear players there are, the smaller the potential.”

If enacted in the closing days of the administration, the policy would bind the next president until it could be voted down by Congress.

Czar Putin is flexing his muscles similar to the days before taking over the Crimea, because he has no fear of the United States.

HANGZHOU, CHINA SEPTEMBER 5, 2016: Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) and US President Barack Obama meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Alexei Druzhinin/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS (Photo by Alexei DruzhininTASS via Getty Images)

Prophetically, the fear of World War III is early. According to Bible prophecy two smaller wars (Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39) and the emergence of a western global dictator (Revelation 6:1-2) will come first.

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Oct 012016


The New American: “As the radical ideology of globalism comes under increasing pressure worldwide, a number of prominent theologians are joining the discussion, blasting the internationalist movement as “demonic” and even “anti-Christ” in nature.

With a link on the subject to the widely read Christian Post appearing this week on the influential Drudge Report, the sharp criticism is making major waves worldwide.

Globalism is far more than ‘geographical’ or ‘eliminating national borders and boundaries,’” explained Dr. Jim Garlow, pastor at Skyline Church in San Diego, in a piece that went viral on Charisma News, earning almost half of a million Facebook likes in less than two months. “It is spiritual and demonic at its core.”

Opinion: Globalism went from behind-the-scenes whispers to mainstream headlines during the Obama presidency. It was/is cloaked under deceptive concepts like the common good, fairness, humanitarianism, peace among the nations, and the need to end human suffering through open immigration.

Globalism is on the ballot for the US presidency in 38 days.

Yesterday, the last ditch efforts of four states’ attorneys general lawsuit asking for a temporary restraining order to block the hand-over of the internet to foreign governments failed.

Just hours before the switch was due to happen, a judge in Galveston, Texas denied the motion and removed a major obstacle to internet control and global government.

At some point this gigantic movement of a borderless world and the ensuing chaos it will cause will need a charismatic leader to pull it all together.

That leader, according to Daniel 9:26, will emerge from the same people who destroyed the city (Jerusalem) and sanctuary (temple): the ancient Roman Empire.

Daniel does not tell us whether he will come from the western leg (Rome) or the eastern leg (Constantinople).

In the next verse (Daniel 9:27) tells us that he will enforce a plan for peace in the Middle East that has eluded the world since 1948.

Until this generation, it would not have been possible for any leader/government to be able to control all forms of commerce (Revelation 13:16-17) and there are still critical steps for that goal to happen, i.e., the elimination of cash and a single world currency.

Until then, we wait for one event that the Apostle Paul told us would surely happen before (1 Thess. 1:10, 5:9, Rev. 3:10) all hell breaks loose:

“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.” 1 Thess. 4:16-18



Trump opposes plan for U.S. to cede internet oversight

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Sep 222016
Reuters News: “Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opposes a long-planned transition of oversight of the internet’s technical management from the U.S. government to a global community of stakeholders, his campaign said in a statement on Wednesday.”
Opinion: How interesting that on September 30, 2016 one man will decide who will control the internet.
(Prometheus, chained to the rock, looks on helplessly as Obama says “no thanks” to the gift of internet control, represented by a tray with flames)


Sep 212016
Obama to UN: U.S. Must "Accept Constraints" on Sovereignty in Order to Accomplish UN Goals

The New American: “In what is likely his final address to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, President Barack Obama (shown at UN) offered what he described as the “broad strokes” of a “course correction” necessary to achieve “global integration.” In order to “to carry this progress forward,” the president said that he is “convinced

Sep 202016
George H.W. Bush to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Breitbart: “Former President George H.W. Bush is bucking his party’s presidential nominee and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, according to a member of another famous political family, the Kennedys. Bush, 92, had intended to stay silent on the White House race between Clinton and Donald Trump, a sign in and of itself


Lagarde Says Globalization’s Benefits Need to Be Shared by All

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Sep 142016
Lagarde Says Globalization’s Benefits Need to Be Shared by All

Bloomberg News: “World leaders need to better manage the frustration over the failure of globalization to deliver widely shared benefits, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said. While the world has enjoyed unprecedented economic progress over the last 70 years, the transformation has caused “dislocation and hardship,” Lagarde said in the text of a speech to

Sep 132016
Rogoff Warns "Cash Is Not Forever, It's A Curse"

Zero Hedge: “Professor Rogoff, you are proposing to get rid of cash. Why? I actually favor a less cash society over a cashless society. Currency has a lot of important uses which are not so readily replaced in the foreseeable future. The use of cash in the legal economy is very concentrated in small purchases

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