Jul 202016


InfoWars: “Under the guise of fighting “violence against children,” the Obama administration has joined forces with socalist foreign regimes and various United Nations agencies in a “global partnership” to wage war on parental rights.

The controversial worldwide initiative, which aims to criminalize spanking and smacking as disciplinary tools, among other things, is part of the UN’s Agenda 2030, also known as the “Sustainable Development Goals.”

Essentially, the UN is betting that framing the assault on families as a bid to end “violence against children” — something nobody in their right mind would oppose — will make it easier to pursue the sidelining of parents.”

Opinion: Globalism comes in many cleverly wrapped packages. The Obama-backed UN website End-Violence Against Children” is one of the most deceptive:

We need to change the way that policymakers, campaigners and the public think about ending violence, winning the argument that we should – and can – make societies safer for children. The global partnership will bring together stakeholders from across the world to end all forms of violence against children.”

It’s that word “we” that should terrify parents since it is UN peace-keepers that are accused of sexually abusing children all over the world.

Ban Ki Moon recently labeled the dictator-laden group ‘The Parliament of Humanity’.


Jul 122016


The New American: “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are exploiting the killing of five police officers in Dallas to push a range of assaults on the U.S. Constitution, including a decades-old plot to federalize America’s local police departments without any semblance of constitutional authority.

In between subtly demonizing law-enforcement officers as racists and touting the controversial Black Lives Matter movement, the two Democrat Party standard-bearers also seized on the Dallas police shootings to promote further infringements on the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Critics, though, including among America’s police forces, blasted the Obama administration and its allies for fueling a “war” on law enforcement.

The establishment plan to federalize and militarize America’s state and local police forces has been underway for decades. In recent years, though, the Obama administration has pushed the agenda further and faster than ever.

Under the U.S. Constitution, though, police powers were not delegated to the federal government.”

Opinion: “You never want a good crisis to go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to the president, on April 9, 2009.

To the progressive left, every crisis is an opportunity to grow government. So they march out to a podium, put on a worried face, possibly shed a tear or two, and before you can say Hillary Clinton they launch into a government solution to the problem.

Hillary Clinton on Dallas “We need to put in place guidelines to ensure that every police officer understands what is expected of him or her.” “A routine traffic stop, a routine arrest, escalating to the point where a gun is drawn and a life is lost,” Clinton rambled. “That’s why I am absolutely calling for national guidelines about the use of force. Every single one of our police officers should be trained and retrained in understanding how to avoid force.”

Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Friday encouraged Black Lives Matter protesters not to allow the “heinous violence” that occurred in Dallas to silence their “important” voices. “Don’t be discouraged” encouraged violent protests all over the US.

From a prophetic view it lines up: If a national police force is a solution, why not a global force?

Jul 052016

Zero Hedge: “The latest EU foreign policy document, titled “A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign And Security Policy“, calls for an extension of the Union’s influence in regions as far as Central Asia and Central Africa.

It also outlines “gradual synchronisation and mutual adaptation” between different member states’ individual defence strategies.

“We will invest in regional orders, and in cooperation among and within regions. And we will promote reformed global governance, one that can meet the challenges of this 21st century. We will engage in a practical and principled way, sharing global responsibilities with our partners and contributing to their strengths. We have learnt the lesson: my neighbour’s and my partner’s weaknesses are my own weaknesses. So we will invest in win-win solutions, and move beyond the illusion that international politics can be a zero-sum game.”

Opinion: That the push to expand what is now 27 countries to a global empire began the day after Britain voted to leave the EU (BREXIT), which can only mean that Germany, France and Brussels had a plan B ready to go.

The expansion plan includes the formation of an EU army to give the growing empire autonomy in defense and security matters since Brussels has lost faith in NATO.

One week later globalist leaders in Brussels are ready to expand the 27 nation EU to include parts of Africa and the Middle East.

To say things are moving quickly is an understatement.

The Roman Empire established its first African colony in Mauretania (Morocco) and Numedia (Algeria) while the eastern leg of Rome encompassed the Middle East all the way to Assyria (Syria and Iraq) and Mesopotamia (parts of Iraq, Syria, Kuwait).


Just think how much easier the Israeli/Palestinian problem would be if both reported to the same global dictator.

The words Revived Roman Empire are not found in Bible prophecy but both Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 speak of a world political/religious system to be led by a specific and very powerful ruler.

Daniel 9:26 tells us that this leader will come from the empire that destroyed the temple in AD 70: Rome.

To watch Bible prophecy come into fulfillment in our time is an incredible privilege.

Somebody call somebody.


U.S. Independence Attacked as Never Before by UN Interdependence

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Jul 042016
U.S. Independence Attacked as Never Before by UN Interdependence

The New American: “On this July 4, as Americans celebrate the birth of the United States and the sacrifices of the founding generation to secure the blessings of liberty, U.S. independence is under threat like never before. The implications of the threat are enormous. As long as the United States retains its independence and the

Jun 272016
4 last-ditch efforts that could stop the Brexit

Yahoo Finance: “Just three days after a shocking vote to leave the European Union, millions of Britons are asking for a do-over. But is it possible to stop the process? Technically, yes. While the chances are slim, there are several ways the UK could reverse course. Members of Parliament vote against it A re-do referendum

Jun 252016

After reading a dozen articles this morning about BREXIT and its anticipated aftermath, I was reminded of the 2014 Ebola scare. The headlines screamed of world-wide contagion, governments were panicking, and people became fearful of even getting on airplanes. On October 14, 2014 a headline from CNS News warned that the virus would be spread by mass migration:

Jun 242016
Brexit! Britain Votes to Leave the EU – Globalists Defeated

Business Insider: “Britons voted on whether the UK should “Remain” or “Leave” the 28-nation bloc between 7 a.m. BST and 10 p.m. BST on Thursday June 23, and results were counted overnight. As of 7 a.m. BST, the final results show 51.9% voted to leave the EU versus 48.1% that voted for Britain to stay

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