Oct 212014


The Daily Beast: “As the prelates pack up to leave Rome after the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops, there seems to be some confusion about whether liberal Catholics or staunch traditionalists carried the day. The synod midterm report softened the tone on gays and divorced Catholics; then the final document took a step back. But here’s the bottom line: the fact that they discussed previous taboos at all means Pope Francis scored a victory.”

Opinion: There is plenty of  ‘softening the tone’ in the Christian world on the matter of homosexuality – all the way from Australia (Hillsong) to Rome (Vatican).

Pope Francis’ statements, “who am I to judge” and “obey your conscience” and “even atheists will all find salvation”, set an obvious direction for inclusivity in the Roman Church.

Francis is a Jesuit and the goal of Jesuits is to bring all people under the authority of the Pope. Ecumenism’s (one world religion) attempt to dominate the earth has been in the DNA of Catholicism since Constantine.

God will allow global domination only for a predetermined season.

I am currently working on a study called “The Three Towers”

  • 1st Tower: God frustrated the Babylonians with different languages – Genesis 11:1-9
  • 2nd Tower: God frustrated the Roman Church with denominations – the Reformation (AD 1517)
  • 3rd Tower: God will end the 7 year reign of Antichrist (Daniel 9:27) with the brightness of His coming (2 Thessalonians 2:8)


Oct 182014


The New American: “After being ridiculed for squandering taxpayer funds on a 2003 “climate” report that, despite being widely hyped in the establishment press, got literally everything wrong, Obama’s cadres of “global-warming” alarmists at the Pentagon are at it again. In a report released this week, Obama’s Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel parroted a wide range of discredited talking points about “climate change,” with the Defense Department vowing to spend even more public and borrowed wealth to integrate dubious theories on “global warming” into all aspects of the military. The U.S. armed forces will also increasingly be used to prop up anti-American regimes and globalism under the guise of battling “climate change.”

The Pentagon document, dubbed the “2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap,” was unveiled this week at a conference of defense ministers from across the Americas gathered in Peru. Aside from cozying up to dangerous anti-American regimes — including some run by actual communist mass-murderers — Secretary Hagel spent much of his time sounding the alarm about alleged global warming. “Climate change is a ‘threat multiplier’ because it has the potential to exacerbate many of the challenges we already confront today — from infectious disease to armed insurgencies,” he said. It was not clear how alleged “climate change” would contribute to armed insurgencies or infectious diseases.”

Opinion: The ultimate dream of ISIS is an Islamic caliphate – the ultimate dream of progressive-left liberals is global government.

Ironically, a Biblical case can be made for both.

An Islamic caliphate perfectly describes the Psalm 83 invasion, which comprises of Israel’s neighbors: Lebanon, Syria, northern Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Arabs of the Sinai, Gaza, West Bank and Egypt.

Global government is the dream of progressive-left groups like the Council of Foreign Relations, Federal Reserve, Bilderberg as well as billionaire political financiers and politicians.

Both will be granted permission to operate for a period of time. The Psalm 83 invasion will result in destruction (Obadiah 1:18) and the global government of Antichrist will be destroyed by Christ at the battle of Armageddon (Zechariah 12:11; Revelation 16:16).


Oct 152014

Front Page Mag: “Speaking at the Wind Technology Testing Center in Boston Massachusetts on October 9th, the windsurfer and windbag-in-chief himself, Secretary of State John Kerry, pronounced that climate change, if left unaddressed, will result in the end of times: “Life as you know it on Earth ends,” Kerry said. Last February, Kerry claimed that climate change was the world’s “most fearsome” weapon of mass destruction.

Not nuclear arms in the hands of the terrorist-sponsoring regime of Iran or in the hands of ISIS or al Qaeda. Climate change is the real number #1 national security threat, according to Kerry.”


Opinion: Behold a fool, Genesis 8:19, Proverbs 14:1.

Oct 152014
CFR Globalists Outline Strategy for “North American Community”

The New American: “The global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) published a new report this month demanding further integration of North America, calling for deeper “cooperation” on everything from energy, law enforcement, and healthcare to labor regulations, trade, and education. With the globalist architects well aware of how unpopular their sought-after “North American Union”

Oct 102014
UN Pushes Global “New Deal”

The New American: “In a new report on “global governance” and “policy space for development,” the dictator-dominated United Nations blasted free markets and said it was time for what the outfit described as an “international ‘New Deal.’” The wild demand, issued by the UN “Conference on Trade and Development” (UNCTAD) in its recently released annual

Oct 042014
UN October Summit Reopens Grab for Global Internet Control

The New American: According to a recent report by the French news organization Agence France-Presse, “US officials are pledging to fight a fresh effort to give a UN agency authority to regulate the Internet, two years after a huge diplomatic battle over the issue. The US government believes that the Internet belongs to everyone, at

Sep 292014
Russia Discovers Massive Arctic Oil Field Which May Be Larger Than Gulf Of Mexico

Zero Hedge: “In a dramatic stroke of luck for the Kremlin, this morning there is hardly a person in the world who is happier than Russian president Vladimir Putin because overnight state-run OAO Rosneft announced it has discovered what may be a treasure trove of black oil, one which could boost Russia’s coffers by hundreds

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