Jan 292015

maliThe New American: “As outrage and unrest in Mali against the brutal United Nations military occupation grow stronger, UN troops responded to civilian protests this week by shooting and killing unarmed demonstrators, according to witnesses quoted in international media reports and a UN spokesman.

While reports vary, at least three protesters were reportedly killed and many more wounded, with other sources reporting that even more civilians have been massacred by UN “peacekeepers” amid the recent unrest. In fact, as The New American reported in early 2013, UN-backed military forces in Mali have also been involved in widespread summary executions and mass human-rights abuses directed at the civilian population. Increasingly brutal UN forces have also been implicated in atrocities — murder, rape, and more; even against children — all across Africa and beyond.

Under the guise of propping up an illegitimate regime that seized power in a 2012 coup led by a U.S government-trained officer, the UN Security Council purported to authorize a UN military invasion of Mali.”

Opinion: And there you have a perfect example of out-of-control government. Yet, the UN according to the Obama team, is to be trusted with climate change rules, gun control and internet regulations.

Imagine what UN troops will be like when the final Amalek (Exodus 17:16) has the reins.


Jan 272015

09SNOWjpSUB-master675The New York Times February 7, 2014: “The planet has warmed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit since the 1800s, and as a result, snow is melting. In the last 47 years, a million square miles of spring snow cover has disappeared from the Northern Hemisphere. Europe has lost half of its Alpine glacial ice since the 1850s, and if climate change is not reined in, two-thirds of European ski resorts will be likely to close by 2100.

The same could happen in the United States, where in the Northeast, more than half of the 103 ski resorts may no longer be viable in 30 years because of warmer winters. As far for the Western part of the country, it will lose an estimated 25 to 100 percent of its snowpack by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are not curtailed — reducing the snowpack in Park City, Utah, to zero and relegating skiing to the top quarter of Ajax Mountain in Aspen.

The facts are straightforward: The planet is getting hotter.”

Opinion: The mainstream media acts like there has never been a snowstorm in New York City. The hype is part and parcel of the left’s preparation for the UN Climate Summit that our president and Pope Francis are gearing up for later this year.

Every time the elite globalists trot out their phony science, the God of the universe throws them a curve ball proving once again that He has a sense of humor.

Jan 202015

dd4666852f73043fbf93aaf847374b0b_MThe New American: The Supreme Court announced Friday that it would render a ruling on the question of whether every state in the Union must allow same-sex marriages. The opinion will be handed down by late June or early July, the end of the high court’s current term.

While the New York Times describes the issue as “one of the great civil rights questions in a generation,” constitutionalists recognize it as another in a long line of questions of whether states will remain sovereign or continue their rapid devolution into mere administrative subunits of an all-powerful central government.

Opinion: There is another case that the  Supreme Court is expected to rule on by June of this year – whether Americans born in Jerusalem can have “ Jerusalem, Israel” written as their place of birth on their passports.

The case, Zivotofsky v. Kerry, has been winding through the American courts for years, with major setbacks followed by unexpected decisions putting the case back on track.  The basis of the policy has been to avoid taking sides in the Arab-Israeli conflict over whether Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

In both cases, the Supremes are way over their heads:

The same-sex marriage issue is covered in the Federalist papers, No. 33:  “But it will not follow from this doctrine that acts of the larger society which are not pursuant to its constitutional powers, but which are invasions of the residuary authorities of the smaller societies, will become the supreme law of the land. These will be merely acts of usurpation, and will deserve to be treated as such.”  

In Zivotofsky v. Kerry, the issue is covered in Psalm 137:6: “May my tongue cling to the roof  of my mouth if I do not remember  you, if I do not consider Jerusalem my highest joy.”


Jan 172015
What happened in Switzerland?

Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Currency Crisis: The abrupt move by Switzerland’s central bank to remove the cap on the franc-euro exchange rate has created turmoil from Europe to Wall Street. This is what you get when monetary policy runs amok. The move caused an unprecedented 18% one-day surge in the Swiss currency’s value against the

Jan 112015
SUNDAY POST: 7 Major Signs Of The Second Coming

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Jan 102015

Breitbart: “Unity is our best weapon,” declared Hollande, calling on France to be “firm against racism and antisemitism.” He was forthright in describing the deadly siege of the kosher grocery in Vincennes today as a “terrifying anti-semitic attack.” Hollande also declared that the “fanatics” who carried out the Charlie Hebdo attack and its bloody aftermath “had

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