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From the Editor:

I have attended BSF and CBS (Community Bible Study, a very similar Bible study) for many, many years.

The main reason I have for going to a Bible study outside my church is the fact that these two organizations have thoughtfully and carefully formalized the content of certain books of the Bible into 9 months of deep reading, thought, and discipline of study and rich fellowship. I have not found that anywhere else, and I would not have applied myself that extensively if I studied alone.

Keep in mind what I just said – “studied” –  this is not the same as reading your Bible, or looking up certain passages, or reading a book of the Bible for a month, or “reading through the Bible in one year”.

This is very different: it is an intense study of a particular book of the Bible.

When I started BSF about 12 years ago, the “Welcome” class for new members explained their format, policies, and requirements. They recommended that before doing the daily study, first you PRAY, and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you through the reading and your answers to the questions.

In answering the questions, they discourage the use of commentaries, pastors’ sermons, books, etc., because they want it to be nothing but the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and you! They don’t want you to just write down somebody else’s comments.

When we read other peoples’ writings, insights, and teachings we are getting their ‘digested’ spiritual food. The goal of BSF and CBS is for it to be YOUR realization, through the Holy Spirit, of the words of God. You can use commentaries after you have done the homework, if you like.

They also guide you through the verses with 4 pages of notes and a lecture every week. You are able to read for yourself verse by verse, whether or not their exegesis and application are aligned with the word of God.

I had never opened a Bible before I started BSF. In my first year, it took me a while before I was able to answer any of the questions! In all these years of study, I have heard only a few things to which I was opposed. The majority of the members are women like myself who want to deeply study God’s Word and who are discerning about false or incorrect teachings.

Yes – many ‘goats’ and wrong beliefs have inundated our churches, Bible studies, the Christian community, as also happened in the early church. But, who is to know if God drew someone to attend your church for His purpose – so that they would hear truth spoken and be turned from their wrong thinking and beliefs?

I remember when I was a ‘baby’ Christian, having recently been born again, and I was in the first huge flush of love for God and Jesus, my Savior. I was very ignorant of what was in the Bible. Kind words of explanation from mature Christians helped me grow whenever I had an incomplete or erroneous understanding of God’s divine Truth. Just imagine if I had not been able to be part of a church because I believed (wrongly) that Mary, Jesus’ mother, was born without sin, or any of the other dogmas I had been brought up with. Who would have spoken kindly to me, if it had not been for the women at BSF or at my non-denominational church?

As I said previously, BSF is not without faults:

I have cringed at answers with no biblical basis given by members in my small group, but have tried, very gently, to correct a false or misleading answer. (How do I know an erroneous point of view? I refer them to the verses we are studying and repeat it to them)

I am not partial to the NIV, yet, that is the version of the very first Bible I ever read. (The NIV does not steer me wrong and I believe when your spirit is born again, and you truly follow Jesus, the Holy Spirit will prompt you regarding false doctrines – after all, 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God… [not just KJV])

The Teaching Leader in my women’s group last year explained about different Bible versions and to stay away from paraphrase versions, spec. The Message bible.

I can only speak about my own experience and I will tell you that I have gained knowledge, truth, faith, and greater love for the divine Trinity by attending BSF/CBS. I have also become very familiar with God’s people from the Old and New Testaments in a way I would not have without these Bible studies.

I don’t go there to find what’s wrong with what they do and how they do it. I go there to familiarize myself with the Word of God and to gain knowledge of the history of humanity from God’s perspective. His handbook for mankind is the most necessary document that exists.

This year, beginning in September, the BSF study is the book of Revelation. As I look forward to the class, I expect that there will be differing points of view regarding timelines, etc., but I also know that some differences are not of a salvific nature. It’s the unredemptive beliefs that we need to stand up against.



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loveyourwife“Happy wife, happy life” is a cute cliche often said to remind a husband to give into, or please, his wife and life will be easier in the home.

As with most cliches, there is always a small truth to them, and yes, if your wife is happy, or content, the marriage relationship moves along much more smoothly.

But, there are two halves to the marriage equation; and wife-pleasing is not the only component. In fact, the Bible states how a husband ought to treat his wife, and it’s not about keeping her happy, but about loving her as Christ loves His Church. has a great commentary on this –

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Aug 162015

Today’s post comes from the website


It provides a snapshot of the doctrine of the Rapture, when the Lord Jesus Christ appears in the clouds and instantly, in the wink of an eye, all those who have believed and trusted in Him and His redeeming death on the cross for their eternal life, will be taken up in their resurrection bodies to be with Him forever.

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Aug 092015

Today’s Post was written by Dr. Henry Morris who founded the Institute for Creation Research in 1970. We were privileged to have a member of the ICR science team, Frank Sherwin, at our church a few years ago. His scientific explanations were thoughtful and Scriptural, and always pointed us to the glory of God, our Creator. If you

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SUNDAY POST: What Does the Bible Say About Debt?

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Aug 022015
SUNDAY POST: What Does the Bible Say About Debt?

An interesting article in Zero Hedge on Friday said this: 7 Out of 10 Americans Believe That Debt is a Necessity In Their Lives: “Most of us wish that we didn’t have any debt, but we have bought into the lie that it is a necessary part of life in America in the 21st century.


Sunday Post: ISRAEL - Replacing What God Has Not

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Jul 192015
Sunday Post: ISRAEL - Replacing What God Has Not

Today we are quoting from Mike Oppenheimer of Lighthouse Trails Publishing and Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. They recently wrote on the topic of Replacement Theology, the teaching that the church has replaced Israel and therefore God’s promises are now passed on to the church. From Jan Markell: “What nation could be “apartheid on steroids”? Surely some

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From God’s own words – reminders to strengthen us when we feel weak: You say: It’s impossible—God says: All things are possible (Luke 18:27) You say: I’m too tired—God says: I will give you rest (Matthew 11:28-30) You say: Nobody loves me—God says: I love you (John 3:16) You say: I can’t go on—God says: My

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