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From Dr. David Reagan:

Weastern-gate-hy is the Eastern Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem closed, and what does it have to do with Bible prophecy?

“Then He brought me back to the outer gate of the sanctuary which faces toward the east, but it was shut. And the LORD said to me, This gate shall be shut; it shall not be opened, and no man shall enter by it, because the LORD God of Israel has entered by it; therefore it shall be shut.” Ezekiel 44:1-2

How great is our God, to give us prophecy to help us understand His ways.

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Today’s Post is from Joel Rosenberg’s recent study of Bible prophecy and its intention and purpose.

Joel C. Rosenberg (www.joelrosenberg.com) is a New York Times best-selling and award-winning author of 10 novels and five non-fiction books, with more than 3 million copies sold.

He is also the Founder and Chairman of The Joshua Fund (www.joshuafund.com), a non-profit educational and charitable organization he and his wife launched in 2006 to mobilize Christians to “bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-3.”

He and his wife have four sons. They made Aliyah in 2014 and now live in Israel and the United States.

Click on the blue headline link above to read Part 1 of this study.

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I just wanted everybody to know, to you, I forgive you. You took something very precious away from me. I will never talk to her ever again. I will never be able to hold her again. But I forgive you. And have mercy on your soul. You have hurt me. You hurt a lot of people. May God forgive you, and I forgive you.” Daughter of Ethel Lance


In the aftermath of the murders of nine Christians during Bible study, one by one, the families of those killed followed the teaching of Jesus; the beginning of healing is forgiveness.

The Greatest Sermon ever given was early in Jesus’ ministry and speaks of forgiveness. The Jews, who had only been taught by the Pharisees, wanted to know if they were righteous enough to enter the kingdom.

Jesus taught them:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 5:3); when we are broken we are open to God’s providence.

“Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted” (Matthew 5:4); how can one mourn or be comforted if they are consumed with anger and thoughts of retribution?

“Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5); those who are truly humble and gentle.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousnessFor they shall be filled” (Matthew 5:6); those who have a spiritual appetite.

“Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy” (Matthew 5:7); those who extend mercy display God’s mercy.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8); the sins of those who have accepted the pardon that Christ provided on the cross are covered by His blood.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God “(Matthew 5:9); the Prince of Peace offers those who forgive the ultimate relationship.

Dylann Roof was granted human forgiveness. The forgiveness that God extends to an unbeliever is conditional upon his repentance.

With Dylann’s statement “I killed nice people” perhaps repentance is next.

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SUNDAY POST: Why Ezekiel 38 Precedes Daniel 9

“… the Jewish leadership of the Christian movement called the Church had become divided over the issue of whether Gentiles who were coming into Christianity had to put themselves under the Law first. In other words, did a Gentile have to become a Jew before becoming a Christian? The unspoken question that lurked behind it


Sunday Post: PENTECOST

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May 242015
Sunday Post: PENTECOST

The Jewish “Feast of Weeks (Shavuot)” and the Christian feast of Pentecost are correlated for those who believe in Messiah Jesus. For the Jews, this time of celebration is known as Shavout, which is the Hebrew word meaning “weeks.” This is one of three separate names that are used in Scripture to refer to this


Sunday Post: Jesus is Savior first, then Teacher

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May 172015
Sunday Post: Jesus is Savior first, then Teacher

One of our favorite writers is the late Oswald Chambers. For many years, Author and I read his daily devotional “My Utmost for His Highest.” It gave each new day a strong focus on Christ and the Christian life. Recently, I found his small book “STUDIES IN THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT” in one of my laptop’s

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