Two Rockets Were Fired From Syria At Mount Hermon

Galilee landscape Mount Hermon, Israel.

Yahoo News: Beirut (AFP) – Israel carried out air strikes in Syria on Sunday in response to rare rocket fire from the neighbouring country, its military said, with a war monitor reporting 10 killed including Syrian soldiers and foreign fighters.

Israel’s army said two rockets were fired from Syria at Mount Hermon in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights late Saturday and one had been “located within Israeli territory.”

In response, the army attacked “two Syrian artillery batteries, a number of observation and intelligence posts on the Golan Heights, and an SA-2 aerial defence battery,” its statement said.

The Israeli attack left three Syrian soldiers and seven foreign fighters dead, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. more …

OpinionFrom the moment we drove into Galilee two weeks ago, the strategic importance of Israel’s control of the Golan Heights was obvious.

On one side is Israel, and across the water where miracles took place, are the mountains of the Golan Heights with Hezbollah just 6 miles away. Whoever controls those mountains controls northern Israel.

And yet that is what the Israel-hating world wants. They want Israel to commit suicide by handing over to a terror group, dedicated to Israel’s destruction, control of the Mt. Hermon mountains.

In 1967 Israel took those mountains from Syria in a defensive war meant for Israel’s annihilation.

We were at the base of Mount Hermon, north of Galilee, in the first days of our tour.

The Benias waterfall which was a scary steep descent on rocky ground, feeds the Jordan River below.

So this is what the fuss is all about. The nations want Israel to hand over Judea, Sinai, Gaza and Golan which were the lands taken in the 1967 war. In a futile effort for peace, Israel annexed Judea to Jordan in 1950, handed the Sinai to Egypt in 1982, gave back Gaza in 2005, but is holding the Golan as non-negotiable.

Snow-capped Mt. Hermon today.

President Donald Trump recognized the Golan as part of Israeli sovereignty on March 29, 2019.

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