Compass International News: Luxury & Wickedness

Dear Compass Supporters:
As we all can see, a lot’s going on around the world. To me, the only way any of the bizarreness makes sense is to view it from a Biblical perspective. Then it makes a LOT of sense.
It was great to hear that Israel woke up out of her deep sleep and dropped all of her COVID testing requirements for visitors.
This is huge and makes a big difference for groups who wish to come see God’s special place on earth. Hats off to Israel!
That also means for our next two trips the testing is continuing to disappear for international travel. I’m not hopeful that our esteemed President will change the US re-entry test mandate. He seems to like making rules that give him more control over people.
On the other hand, Biden is apparently willing to cede total control of our nation’s healthcare to the World Health Organization (WHO). Satan must be licking his chops over this one.
Normally it would be preposterous to think the POTUS would try to give away our national sovereignty to an unelected bureaucrat in Europe… especially in an election year!
But it seems that the state of emergency declared by Biden gives him the power to do things without approval by anyone.(1)
Here is what Biden can do under our current State of Emergency:
  1. Bank accounts can be frozen.
  2. Bans on biological or chemical agents can be lifted.
  3. Civil liberties, such as the right to a peaceful assembly, can be halted.
  4. The president can order incarcerations.
  5. Elections can be postponed indefinitely.
  6. Federal leases can be suspended when the country faces dangers.
  7. Foreign individuals can be ordered to leave the nation, and the borders can be closed or opened.
  8. National resources can be ushered into play to confront a natural disaster.
  9. Sanctions pertaining to property and finances can be removed or initiated.
  10. Soldiers and naval vessels may be ordered to engage in combat during a crisis.
  11. The government can take control of the Internet, radio, and TV because of a perilous matter, and production and distribution of goods can be seized.
  12. The military can be mobilized domestically in a crisis, and martial law can be declared by the president.
  13. The leader of the Executive branch can launch a nuclear strike if necessary.
  14. The president may order an assassination resulting from an emergency.
  15. The right of habeas corpus can be suspended as a consequence of crises.
  16. Transportation networks can be taken over by the government.
This of course begs the question, why would they worry about elections in the fall? If they want to stay in control they can, forever, WITHOUT elections.
These Satanists/Globalists seem to have the bit between their teeth and, based on their past actions, will never willingly give up power. But time will tell.
There are a couple of links to two- and four-minute videos in the Additional Resources section below that shed more light on this unbelievable healthcare giveaway.
The Bible study article below is about an amazing statement the prophet Amos recorded some 2700 years ago. It has a direct implication to believers today–enjoy the article!