Olive Tree Ministries Newsletter: Weary Remnant Watchmen

Weary Remnant Watchmen?
by Jan Markell
October 11, 2022

Yes. We hear from you daily. You’ve been listening for a trumpet and a shout for years. (I Thessalonians 4:16-17) You feel like you have a stiff neck from looking up. How much longer, Lord?

Your circle of friends and family you can talk to is shrinking. There are few in your church—if you have one—who share your desire to understand the times and be a watchman on the wall. People have a love affair with this world and won’t let go.

Most think life “will return to normal.” Many focus on forthcoming elections to turn things around. A greater number believe in a coming awakening or revival to turn the tide. Today’s so-called prophets insist that is on the horizon as they put all end-time focus on the Church. Yet today’s church is in Laodicea.

Rather than push against this tide, many become more isolated, and a great many feel they can’t hang on much longer.

That’s why we have done regular Understanding the Times’ events for years, to bring people up-to-date on current issues, apologetics, and directing folks to headlines that are a herald of His coming! We also want to provide a small community of like-minded believers who can “encourage one another” (Hebrews 10:25).

Yes, we are trending towards the Tribulation to be sure! But that ordeal—the Time of Jacob’s Trouble—is for the unbelieving world, not the Christian. The apocalypse is in the air. Nothing works right but that is by design.
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We hope you will enjoy the full program from our October 6 Understanding the Times’ conference in Minneapolis, MN. Co-hosts were Jan Markell and Pastor Mark Henry. Our featured guest was Pastor Billy Crone. Click on image above.
Find a DVD of this event here for just $10.
“The Sin of Silence”
The Sin of Silence - Pastor Brandon Holthaus
Jan Markell talks to Pastor Brandon Holthaus this hour. With global chaos reigning, many ask if we are headed to a great awakening or a global collapse. Yet most of our churches are silent on important issues. This is the sin of silence. Holthaus’ church tries to connect remnant believers with solid remnant churches. Learn more at https://rockharborchurch.net
“The Original Lie: You Will be Like God”
The Original Lie: You Will be Like God - Pastors Billy Crone and Mark Henry
Jan Markell hosts Pastors Billy Crone and Mark Henry. The world is telling us we can live forever with the help of technology and A.I. A Biden executive order suggests the same. They also consider the end-time importance of King Charles III. Though this is ultimately fulfilled in the Tribulation, all nations are now having “distress with perplexity” prophesied in Luke 21.
Awaiting His Return,
Jan Markell
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