4 arrested in plot to attack German synagogue on Yom Kippur


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Arutz Sheva: Four people were arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning an attack on a synagogue in the city of Hagen on Yom Kippur.

One of the detainees is a 16-year-old Syrian boy. Police have described the plot as “Islamist.”

““Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.” Matthew 24:9

The Yom Kippur evening services were cancelled at the synagogue Wednesday night as police cordoned off the building.

Armin Laschet, Minister-President of the North Rhine-Westphalia region, stated that “it appears that prior to today on Yom Kippur, an Islamist motivated attack was averted.”

Laschet added: “We will do everything we can to clarify which networks may have been behind.” Read More