A ‘Modern-Day Esther’ May Have Just Saved Israel From Muslim Rule


BIN: On Purim, a Jewish woman politician channeled Queen Esther, single-handedly averting a political disaster that would have put Israel under the rule of a Haman-like power bent on the destruction of the preservation of Torah.

On Tuesday, Joint List chairman Aymen Odeh announced the number one condition for even entering into talks with Gantz; a total ban on all Jewish visitation to the Temple Mount.

“We have a clear position on the issue of the al-Aqsa mosque. We want to see the cessation of all visits of extremist settlers [i.e. all Jews] to the mosque. This is something that [began] during the Netanyahu era, and we want the status quo to be restored. Al-Aqsa is a Muslim place of worship, and East Jerusalem should be the capital city of the Palestinian state. We will be focusing on the issue of al-Aqsa at the present stage [of negotiations].” Read More ...

Opinion: The ancient ancestors of Esau have not only returned (Malachi 1:4) to take back Esau’s squandered birthright, but are now deeply embedded in the Israeli Knesset. The Arab List is ready to join the Blue and White party to make Benny Gantz Israel’s Prime Minister.

Enter a modern-day Esther:

On Wednesday, left-wing leaders savaged their former political ally MK Orly Levy-Abekasis  after she announced she would not support a minority government led by the centrist Blue and White party that was backed by the Arab-majority Joint List.

The Arab List seeks total dominance of the Temple Mount and the destruction of the Jewish state.

“For such a time as this” Esther 4:1.

Had Esther not become queen of Persia and saved the Jews of the vast provinces of King Ahasuerus, there would be no promised Savior.

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