A new house and huge terror salaries – PA rewards a family of murderers


Palwatch: Even while the Palestinian Authority was facing a self-inflicted financial crisis, the PA coffers were still full enough to fund the reconstruction of the houses of terrorists demolished by Israel as a means of deterrent.

Making good on promises made by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the PA has financed the rebuilding of the home of a terrorist, who also has five other terrorist brothers – all of whom murdered Jews. Four of them are serving multiple life sentences and a fifth was killed when he resisted arrest after murdering a member of Israel’s Security Agency.

The mother of the terrorists – Um Nasser Abu Hmeid – is the focus of constant PA attention and even led the PA’s bid for membership in the UN in 2011, simply because she is the mother of multiple murderers. Now the PA is rebuilding her and her sons’ house:

“The rebuilding of the four story house is being conducted with full vigor, and the construction of the first floor is already finished. It is being funded by the [PA] Presidential Office and is being carried out by the popular committee to serve the refugees in the Al-Amari camp. more  …

Opinion: I challenge you to find a comparison to this anywhere in the world. The only world leader who stands against this madness other than Benjamin Netanyahu is Donald J. Trump who cut $200 million in aid to the PA.

When these two embattled leaders’ time is over, who will take their place?

Notice not one leftist progressive leader in either Israel or the US is under constant indictments for trumped-up charges. Yes, pun intended.