Ahead of Sochi trip, Netanyahu bats off Russian annexation criticism


Israel Hayom: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu batted off criticism from Russia of his pledge to annex the Jordan Valley, speaking on Thursday to reporters just before taking off to Sochi to meet his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

“What did you think they were going to say?” Netanyahu replied to a question on the matter. “We received condemnations from Arab countries, it wasn’t a tsunami of condemnations, but they have to say it and they will always say it.”

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“The Americans said that the annexation plan presented by the prime minister does not contradict [US President Donald] Trump’s ‘deal of the century,’” added Netanyahu. “Which is a remarkable statement. I am working to establish secure borders for us, which is a historical turn of events.”

Opinion: On or trip to Israel this past May, my wife and I were surprised when we arrived in the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, our Jewish Guide had to exit the bus and an Arab woman took her place. Jews, you see are not permitted to set foot in Arab towns.

No Jews allowed.

The BPT News rule of thumb: before making a decision about a major political issue, see who is for and who is against.

The left in the US is against Israel annexing Judea and Samaria. The EU is against it, and so is Russia and every ME Arab nation. Here’s why:

“For the Lord has chosen Jacob to be His own, Israel to be His treasured nation” Psalm 135:4