Al Gore & John Kerry Aim To Hijack The World Bank For Climate Agenda


(President of the World Bank, David Malpass appointed by Donald Trump)

Let’s discuss the goals of the World Bank and climate activists aim to change those goals…

World Bank Goals   

The World Bank has two ambitious goals neither of which is climate change.

  1. End extreme poverty within a generation
  2. Boost shared prosperity

Goal number one will not happen, even within several generations. Goal number two is ambiguous enough that it might.

Neither of those goals has anything to do with climate change but Al Gore and John Kerry want to change that.

“And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?” Matthew 7:3

A Gore-Kerry Political Climate Hit

At a New York Times sponsored event last week, Gore and Kerry accused World Bank President David Malpass of being a climate denier. The climate lobbyists in the press then piled accusing Malpass for  refusing “to acknowledge that the burning of fossil fuels is rapidly warming the planet.”

But climate science is not part of Malpass’ expertise, not should it be given World Bank goals. Let’s pick up from there with comments by the WSJ.

Gore-Kerry Political Hit Job

Please consider A Gore-Kerry Political Hit Job.

Bloomberg and Axios, both advocates for the Gore-Kerry agenda in their reporting, teased that the Biden Administration is looking into the issue and that Mr. Malpass’s job could be in jeopardy. Axios even hinted that Mr. Gore might then get the World Bank job.

Mr. Malpass said he isn’t resigning and made clear he thinks greenhouse gases are contributing to climate change. He has no cause to step down, having managed the bank in a commendable fashion since he took the job in 2019. 

The World Bank’s main job is to alleviate poverty. This requires energy, which today is still most efficiently and affordably provided by fossil fuels. Yet Mr. Kerry recently cautioned African leaders against investing in long-term natural gas production, as if they have an alternative if they want to develop.

This is an indulgence in a place like California, which is affluent enough to pay twice what its neighboring states do for energy. But it amounts to condemning countries in Africa and much of the developing world to more decades of poverty.

Mr. Kerry may even be consigning poor countries to needless hunger from rising prices and perhaps a global shortage of natural gas for fertilizer. Climate monomania is easier to preach with a sea-side view from a bluff in Martha’s Vineyard than it is from a village with unreliable electricity in the Congo.

Climate Hypocrites

Meanwhile, Kerry and Gore travel the globe in carbon-spewing private jets or government aircraft.

They hold doom conferences to foster unrealistic emissions targets.

The irony, as noted by the Journal, is U.S. carbon emissions reductions in recent decades are almost entirely the result of the expansion of natural gas production that the climate lobby wants to shut down.

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