Amazon Caught Censoring Positive Reviews of Books Exposing Palestinian Lie


BIN: A book entitled The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process is available for sale on Amazon. The book, among other things, provides shocking evidence from the Palestinian media, as well as statements from the Palestinian leadership, showing that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians will never work” as the book’s description states.

And although the book, written by Robert Spencer is for sale, if you leave a positive review, Jeff Bezos might take it down.

That’s precisely what happened to one user reports Jihad Watch. According to the site, the following review of the book was removed by Amazon with the following message and explanation given:

Opinion: on November 21, 2019 we posted a headline that went viral:

Walmart Now Selling ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’

For parents looking to introduce their kids to devil worship, Walmart and Amazon are now selling a new children’s book entitled: ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’. In the ‘about‘ section, the publishers try to turn the act of summoning demons into a kid-friendly activity saying: “summoning demons has never been so much fun”.

The site categorizes the book as a “playful guide” to conjure demons to communicate with “the spirit”. The children’s product is listed for children ages 5-10 and “inspires” kids to “create demons of their own”. The book is a sort of coloring book whereby kids can draw demons using a system of sigils.

Don’t want to take out the trash tonight? Maybe you’re swimming in homework? Perhaps that big bully is being a real drag? Well grab your coloured pencils and sigil drawing skills and dial up some demons! This paranormal parody is filled to the brim with funny spirits more silly than scary.

Imagine people of with vast wealth who have no regard for God’s children (Luke 17:2) and are willfully ignorant working against God’s chosen people.

“But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort.” Luke 6:24

Those are scary words.