As Netanyahu waits for Biden to call, some fear four years of busy signals


After nearly 3 weeks, the question is whether the US president’s decision to not call Israel’s leader is a petty snub or a sign of how the administration will approach the region

Times of Israel: After 19 21 days, the unringing phone in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has become impossible to ignore, resonating louder than any actual conversation he could have had with US President Joe Biden by now. After nearly three weeks of silence from the United States to its closest ally in the region, and an indispensable partner in countering Iran’s malign ambitions, some Israelis are starting to worry.

Growing numbers of observers do not see the non-call as a minor snub, a harmless move in the game of diplomatic protocol. It has become a reason for them to start wondering about the new US administration’s approach to the region, and its willingness to let go of the past in order to solve today’s pressing challenges.


Nobody in Jerusalem or Washington harbored any illusions that Israel would be near the top of Biden’s agenda. But it is unlikely that many thought Biden would go three weeks without even a courtesy call to Netanyahu or any other Mideast leader. Read More

“You will know them by their fruits …” Matthew 7:16

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