Biden Stimulus To Shower State And Local Govts With $350 Billion In Aid, Make Changes To Medicaid


ripe for waste, fraud, and abuse

Zero Hedge: State and local governments are set to receive $350 billion in funding as part of the next stimulus bill, according to draft stimulus legislation released Tuesday night by House Democrats.

The funding – which took a backseat during the Trump administration amid GOP criticism that it was nothing more than a bailout for poorly run Democratic strongholds – is slated for committee action on Friday in the House Oversight and Reform Committee after Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduced it. The bill would bypass the traditional appropriations process which is not eligible for budget reconciliation, according to Bloomberg.

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“Democrats’ plan to bail out locked-down, poorly managed liberal states is unfair to American taxpayers and is ripe for waste, fraud, and abuse,” said the committee’s top Republican, James Comer of Kentucky. Read More

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