Deadly attack at San Diego-area synagogue: rise in anti-Jewish hate


Morning Call: The deadly shooting attack at a synagogue in Poway on Saturday underscores concerns about rising incidents of anti-Jewish hate across the nation.

Authorities have not provided many details about the alleged shooter. But the mayor of Poway said the attack, which killed one person and left three others wounded, appears to be motivated by hate.

The incident comes six months after a man with a history of posting anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant social media messages opened fire at a temple in Pittsburgh, killing 11 people and wounding six more. more …

Opinion: Saturday my wife and I attended a family gathering in another city that required me to shut off the computer around midday. As many of you know, we are closed to politics on Sunday, as per agreement with my wife 8 years ago.

Late Saturday afternoon after digesting the headline: “Pope Francis Donates $500,000 to migrants stranded in Mexico”, a second headline rang out:

“Deadly shooting at California synagogue”

We have been tracking this type of headline since the October 27, 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue massacre that left 11 Jewish seniors dead and 7 wounded. (see Two Trains introduction here)

Anti-Semitism had become a cliche in the Middle East after eight years of Barack Obama’s pandering to Muslim leaders. In 2015, the world collectively yawned when Angela Merkel of Germany and several EU nations began to welcome migrants from terror nations into their countries.

It didn’t take long for attacks on Jews in Germany, France, Belgium, and the UK which began to show a problem:

May 17, 2018Israel Wire “Young French Jews are fleeing France in droves as Islamic anti-Semitism reaches unimaginable levels in the once beacon of freedom”

December 10, 2018Times of Israel “Unprecedented EU Poll Finds 90% of European Jews Feel anti-Semitism increasing”

December 27, 2018 Jerusalem Post “Belgian Soccer Fans Sing Chant About Burning Jews”

Now it is the US, Israel’s only protector.

If we had been given only one sign that points to the ‘time of Jacob’s trouble’ (Jeremiah 30:7), the rise of anti-Semitism would have been enough.