Bank Of Canada: Some Canadians Could See Mortgage Payments Jump By 45% In 2025-26 As Rates Rise


Some Canadians who took out mortgages in 2020-21 could see their monthly payments jump by as much as 45% in 2025-26, given rising rates, according to a Bank of Canada scenario released on Thursday.

Elevated levels of inflation – which is currently at a 31-year-high – could also mean that households allocate more of their income to food and gas if wage increases do not keep pace, the central bank said in its annual financial system review.

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“In this context, highly indebted households are especially vulnerable to a loss of income,” it said.

The bank increased rates by 50-basis-points in April and June and money markets are betting on another half point rise in July.

Canadians with a high loan-to-income ratio variable rate mortgages would see payments rise by 45% in 2025-26 upon renewal.

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