‘Bennett is evil – there will be a war against him’


Haredi political leaders declare incoming PM Naftali Bennett ‘a Reform Jew’, warn his government will destroy Israel as a Jewish state.

Arutz Sheva: Haredi lawmakers railed against Yamina chairman and Prime Minister-designate Naftali Bennett Tuesday afternoon, claiming the new government will threaten Israel’s future as a Jewish state.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” Psalm 122:6

Shas chief and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri accused the incoming national unity government of planning to “uproot religion” from the country.

“The Jewish state is in danger,” said Deri. “It will uproot religion from the country. The new government is going to destroy the Jewish character and identity of the country which has allowed us to live together.”

United Torah Judaism chief and chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee Moshe Gafni demanded the Religious Zionist public distance itself from Yamina and Naftali Bennett. Read More

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