Biden is eroding Trump’s Middle East peace pact — and endangering the US


Assessment: The dismissal of these allies could also be seen in the way Washington simply ignored the first anniversary of the groundbreaking Abraham Accords negotiated by the Trump administration and the governments of Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco last year” Ken Timmerman

New York Post: Last week, Greece announced it would be sending US-made Patriot anti-missile batteries and soldiers to man them to Saudi Arabia, to replace US-manned Patriots the Biden administration withdrew in April.

It was a momentous development in the rapidly changing geopolitical environment of the Middle East, and received zero coverage in the corporate media in the United States. When Greece steps up to fill the vacuum left by a US pullout, it gives you a measure of just how far the United States has retreated from the world stage over the past nine months.

This is not the Greece of Alexander the Great, but today’s Greece. Nearly bankrupt just a few years ago, Greece has now replaced the United States as defender of the world’s largest oil producer. Ouch.

Team Biden has been upset with Saudi Arabia from day one. In February, they admonished the Saudis for their war against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in neighboring Yemen and cut off pending US arms deliveries to the Kingdom. They also snubbed Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman for his involvement in the grisly murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, a Qatari-aligned Saudi dissident.

While the crown prince is certainly no angel, Biden’s decision to outwardly alienate the Saudis has real-world implications.

Opinion: With US energy independence a thing of the past, the Biden team had better play nice with MBS or US consumers could be paying $5.00 at the pump in short order.

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