Biden: It’s Okay to Finance China’s Military


Gatestone Institute:

  • Wall Street wants to finance the enemy, and the Biden administration is opening the door wide…. Beijing views the U.S. financial community as its channel to influence the highest levels of the American political system.
  • “It would be a tragic mistake for the new administration to postpone, dilute, or otherwise eviscerate implementation of the key provisions of Executive Order 13959. Doing so would only serve to enrich Wall Street and Beijing at the expense of American security, fundamental values, and investor protection.” — Roger Robinson, chairman of the Prague Securities Studies Institute, interview with Gatestone.
  • The People’s Republic of China is a unified state, so the investment ban should apply not only to companies the Trump administration designated but also to all state-owned enterprises. State enterprises are by no means separate businesses. The divisions among them are artificial, and all are tightly controlled by the Communist Party. Each one of these entities, therefore, is military-linked and Party-controlled.
  • China’s Military-Civil Fusion means the People’s Liberation Army “has the right to raid any non-military Chinese company for any technology it decides could advance its military strength.” — Richard Fisher, of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, interview with Gatestone
  • The Biden administration is allowing Wall Street to use the cash of “scores of millions, up to 160 million Americans” to “fund ICBMs targeting their families, to fund concentration camps in Xinjiang.” Most Americans will have no idea their retirement and other savings are being used to finance their own destruction…. financing China’s war on America. Read More