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Who’s legitimizing the vaccine blood libel?


JNS: Journalists, leftist Jewish groups and politicians like Bernie Sanders are lending weight to the toxic lie that Israel is denying the COVID vaccine to Palestinians.

Michael Che in 2015. Credit: Arturo Pardavila III via Flickr/Wikimedia Commons.

Don’t put all the blame on “Saturday Night Live” and Michael Che.

of the show’s head writers and the co-host of its “Weekend Update” skit was guilty of spreading a hateful smear of Israel during the show’s most recent episode when he quipped that it had vaccinated “half” of its population, but then added with a knowing smirk to his audience that, “I’m going to guess it’s the Jewish half.” The implication of this gag not only underestimates the percentage of Israel’s population that is Jewish (in 2020, it was 74 percent), but that it discriminates against Arabs, Christians and other non-Jewish citizens.

That is a lie. More to the point, since it’s a lie that claims that Jews are deliberately causing the deaths of non-Jews, Che’s jibe wasn’t merely a hurtful jibe, but a modern version of the ancient blood libel that has been used to fuel anti-Semitic violence against Jews throughout history.

But the interesting thing about the reaction to this outrage is not merely the failure of NBC, “SNL” or Che to apologize. It’s that a broad cross-section of the mainstream media, left-wing politicians and leftist Jewish groups are implicitly backing up Che’s smear. Read More

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