Biden On Historic Gas Prices: ‘I Can’t Do Much Right Now. Russia’s Responsible.’


Assessment: No, Joe Biden is responsible. The oil crisis is a self-inflicted would and if left to metastasize, it will be the end of America as a world power…

Democrat President Joe Biden refused to take any ownership of the historic gas prices that Americans are facing right now when asked about the matter on Tuesday as he then proceeded to deflect blame on Russia.

“They’re gonna go up,” Biden said when asked in Texas about gas prices, which reached record-breaking levels this week.

But there was none like unto Ahab, which did sell himself to work wickedness in the sight of the LORD, whom Jezebel his wife stirred up. 1 Kings 21:25

When asked what he could do about it, he said, “I can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.”

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