Biden on Jewish Heritage Month: My support for Israel’s security remains long-standing and unwavering

US Vice President Joe Biden (L) and Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attend a dinner at the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem on March 09, 2010. Vice president Biden is on a five day official visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories. Photo by Miriam Alster/FLASH90 *** Local Caption *** ??? ???? ????? ????? ?'? ????? ?? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ??????? ???????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ???????? ????????? ???????? ????????? ???????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ????????? ???????? ???? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ????? ?????

Front Page Mag: US President Joe Biden on Tuesday denounced antisemitism and reiterated his support for Israel, as he spoke at a White House event in honor of Jewish Heritage Month.

Biden condemned antisemitism as a “stain on the soul of America”, and noted that it was the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, where protesters carried torches and chanted phrases including “Jews will not replace us,” that convinced him to run for the White House in 2020.

“That’s when I knew we had to stay engaged in the work of our time. Hate never goes away,” Biden said, before pointing out that antisemitic incidents are at record levels in the United States.

“It’s unconscionable. It’s almost unbelievable. It’s despicable,” Biden said. “These acts are a threat to other minority communities as well. But more importantly, it’s literally a stain on the soul of America. We have to be clear… Silence is complicity. Read More …

Opinion: Unbelievable, despicable stain on America’s soul, that antisemitic incidents are at record levels in the United States, says President Joe Biden, Israel’s only ally.

That America has supported Israel maintaining a hard left Supreme Court elected by the court and not nominated by the elected Prime Minister – forgotten

That two American Senators, Sanders and Tlaib staged a Nakba day decrying Israel’s victory of Jerusalem in 1967 war – forgotten

That America continues a moral equivalence approach to thousands of Iranian sponsored rockets launched from Gaza – forgotten

That Israel’s newly elected Prime Minister has not been invited to Washington DC – forgotten

That Joe Biden’s two state solution calls for dividing God’s land (Joel 3:2) – forgotten

That Bible prophecy calls for Israel to have no allies (Ez. 38:13) in the war of Gog Magog – mostly unknown

End times clue #1: Anti-Semitic incidents are at record levels globally (Mat. 24:9).

See 2 more end time clues in the opinion section of our post “Jesus Authorizes You to Kill the Jews,” and Other Online Antisemitism: HERE

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