Biden’s Nuke Waste Chief Defended Underage Prostitution Website Raided By Feds


Assessment: Ladies and gentlemen presenting one of the typical members of the Biden Cabinet …

Sam Brinton, a sex deviant who runs the Energy Department’s nuclear waste bureau, defended underage homosexual prostitution in an op-ed piece published in the The Advocate, a newspaper for homosexuals in Washington, D.C.

Brinton, who participates in something called pup play, denounced a federal raid on the offices of a website that sex-trafficked young men. He trains other men to be good dogs and has a “husband,” and he is also a deputy assistant secretary of energy.

Biden’s Nuke Waste Chief Defended Underage Prostitution Website Raided By Feds

FBI Raid And Indictment

The latest on Brinton comes from the National Pulse, which unearthed the op-ed that he wrote to defend

Website CEO Jeffrey Hurant pleaded guilty to promoting prostiution in 2016, after federal agents raided the illegal prostitution service in 2015.

“While RENTBOY.COM had disclaimers that the advertisements on the site are for companionship only and not for sexual services, RENTBOY.COM was designed primarily for the advertisement of sexual services, and the advertisements on RENTBOY.COM plainly advertised sexual services,” the indictment alleged.

The federal indictment strongly suggested the outfit promoted underage prostitution because it did not verify the age of “escorts” it connected with “customers.”

“RENTBOY.COM did not verify the ages of all escorts advertising on the site,” the federal indictment alleged:

RENTBOY.COM had a policy that required that escorts provide identification if an escort appeared to be under 21. This policy was not strictly applied. Instead, RENTBOY.COM employees generally required identification only from escorts who appeared to be under 18.

As late as 2014, RENTBOY.COM employees called age verification a “gray area.” RENTBOY.COM employees did not always remove advertisements when the advertisers failed to provide identification …

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