Joseph Farah: “As you may know, for more than 22 years WND has blazed the trail in independent online journalism.

  • We were the first to enter the playing field in 1997.
  • We were the first to begin publishing books – many of them best-sellers.
  • We were the first to begin making documentary films – some of them best-sellers.
  • We were the first to incorporate a Judeo-Christian worldview into our reporting, books and movies.
  • We were the first to be approved to cover the White House and the Congress.

But, as I’ve told you, beginning in January 2017, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Big Tech declared war on us and the rest of the independent media it blamed for his victory in 2016. They haven’t forgiven us.

And their assault on independent media goes far beyond just censoring, shadow-banning and rigging search results against us. They’ve destroyed the essential advertising-based business model of online news.

Worse yet, there is no end in sight. more …

Opinion: Google turned us down for advertising three times despite having been approved in 2015. Costs of running this site are going up, but we have no paid staff, one volunteer, operate from home and keep our tech costs so low that engineers no longer return our phone calls.

We recently went through a reader slump, and have evidence of our posts having been blocked from reader view by certain social media sites.

WND is a big website and happens to be the only one we advertised Antichrist: The Search for Amalek in 2014.

Joseph Farah asked for prayers:

“There are only three forces on Earth powerful enough to take on this hateful, un-American, left-wing, anti-God monopoly – this new Tower of Babel. Those three forces are God, the U.S. government and you, the American people. I pray every day.”

And so will we.

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