Blue and White MK Makes Promise To Arabs: ‘Will Change Nationality Law’


Arutz Sheva: Section 7: Jewish Settlement

7a. The State sees Jewish settlement as a national value and will work to ensure and advance its creation and establishment.

Ben Barak, who heads Blue and White’s Arab Headquarters, promised in an interview with the Mossawa Channel that his party would erase the word “Jewish” so that the law would see national importance in encouraging all types of settlement.

Ben Barak, who previously served as deputy Mossad chief, called on Arabs to vote en masse: “You need to understand this: Anyone in the Arab sector who does not vote – it’s as if he voted for [Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu. So I’m saying, get out and vote en masse. You can have an influence and ensure that there will be a government which truly wants to take care of the Arabs.”

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich (Yami na) responded: “Blue and White is having a clearout sale of the Zionist vision – and it’s all in order to buy the rulership from the Arabs. It’s a shameful embarrassment.” Read More …

Opinion: Is it just me, or are elections becoming more contentious? US and Israeli nationalist leaders Trump and Netanyahu are under constant threat of indictment/impeachment, while the progressive left uses any and all treasonous means to regain power.

Land for peace – no problem. Here, have Judea, Samaria AND a tunnel connecting Judea to Gaza to avoid mixing with Jews. Want the the Temple Mount for an Arab capitol? No problem, just sign this peace agreement… What could go wrong?

Blue and White candidate, Benny Gantz, the Israeli version of Anthony Weiner (here), is willing to sell his secular sol by erasing the word ‘Jewish‘ from the Jewish Nationality Law, in order to placate the Arab List (political party) and become Israel’s Prime Minister this coming Monday.

Should Gantz win, watch for the Arab Palestinians to demand the right of return.