Buttigieg Says: Solution to High Gas Prices Is Simple – Just Buy an EV


Assessment: Does ‘pot hole’ Pete’ know that electricity is not free? Does he know that the cost of an EV can be significantly more expensive than a gas powered car? I don’t think he does.

When will we ever learn not to fret over what’s going on in the world? Our Democrat party overlords know what’s best for us, and all we have to do is simply follow their suggestions. After all, their solutions are so simple.

Take high gas prices for example. So many of us peons worry about the skyrocketing price of gas at the pump, but America’s brilliant Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has a fix for gas prices that’s so easy it’s almost ridiculous. Why, you just need to buy an electric vehicle, you silly goose.

“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” Proverbs 18:2 ESV

South Bend cyclist expresses pothole concerns to Mayor Buttigieg

(South Bend Indiana potholes )

“Clean transportation can bring significant cost savings for the American people as well,” Buttigieg said in a speech. “Last month, we announced a $5 billion investment to build out a nationwide electric vehicle charging network so that people from rural to suburban to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings of driving an EV.”

Why worry about high gas prices when Mayor Pete comes to the rescue with a big ol’ fistful of taxpayer money? Those EV charging stations will be ready to go when you are … eventually, that is.

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