Assessment: One of the smallest countries in the world that is harassed by the US EU and UN for building homes in its heartland, is calling its people home to ‘never again be uprooted (Amos 9:15).

America has always been known as a country ripe with plentiful resources, certainly in comparison to a “developing” country like Israel. But that seems to no longer be the case, at least not in California, where residents are being hit with rolling blackouts. They are now being instructed by Governor Gavin Newsom to set their thermostats at 78 degrees during certain hours of the day, noting that California is currently on a “flex alert.”

Ironically, Israel, which has fer less natural resources than California, has no such restrictions. Israelis enjoy unlimited electricity just as California once did.

And there is hope for your future —declares Hashem: Your children shall return to their country. Jeremiah 31:16 (The Israel BibleTM)

Newsome: Yesterday we rallied together during this historic heatwave. Today, let’s do it again. We are now in a Flex Alert. Here’s what to do until 9pm tonight: – Set thermostats to 78 – Turn off unnecessary lights – Avoid using large appliances 

This has prompted an Israeli organization that encourages Jews worldwide to move to Israel on Aliyah to launch a campaign encouraging Californian Jews without electricity to ‘come home to Israel.

The Bring Them Home organization kicked off its latest campaign, Yesh Energy’. The initiative is meant to attract Californians who have found themselves blighted by rolling blackouts due to “crazy national and state policies,” said Josh Wander, founder of Bring Them Home.

“This situation is bound to only get worse and may switch from being just uncomfortable to downright dangerous.”

“It’s time now to see the writing on the wall and apply today for Aliyah,” he added.

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