China Forces Churches to Replace Ten Commandments with Xi Jinping Quotes


Christianity Today: As China continues its religious crackdown, the authorities in part of central China have reportedly removed the Ten Commandments from churches and replaced them with quotes by President Xi Jinping. 

One pastor speaking to Bitter Winter (magazine) explained how the Communist Party was seeking to slowly dismantle Christian beliefs in China. 

“The government’s first step is to prohibit religious couplets. Then it dismantles crosses and starts to implement the ‘four requirements’ by ordering the national flag and ‘core socialist values’ to be placed in churches,” the pastor said.

“Surveillance cameras to monitor believers and religious activities are then installed. The last step is to replace the Ten Commandments with Xi Jinping’s speeches.”

He added: “The Communist Party’s ultimate goal is to ‘become God’. This is what the devil has always done.” more …

Opinion: Like all dictators, Xi Jinping has no tolerance for religion. Xi is cracking down on human rights, religious freedom, and freedom of expression.

  • The Chinese government now selects Catholic Bishops (agreed to by Pope Francis)
  • Bibles are being confiscated and churches destroyed
  • Jews are restricted from celebrating Levitical observances
  • Muslims are being placed in detention camps

So take a guess what is the fastest growing religion in China today?