Climate Czar John Kerry Says Tens of Thousands of Jobs Will Be Cut for Zero Benefit


PJ Media: Climate Czar John Kerry held a press conference on Wednesday ahead of President Joe Biden signing an executive order that will cause every department and every member of the Cabinet to be thinking a lot about the weather for the first six months of their jobs. It creates new task forces, requires in-depth strategic plans, and looks like a lot of busywork. It marks the beginning of $2 trillion in taxpayer dollars that Biden has pledged to spend.

The order also requires measures that will impact employees in the fossil fuel industry. It includes everything from cutting any current subsidies, to trying to eliminate industry financing globally, to eliminating new leases of natural gas and oil exploration on federal land, to putting renewable eyesores like wind and solar farms on those same lands.

It goes on for dozens of paragraphs. Just canceling the Keystone XL pipeline cost 11,000 jobs.

Biden’s plan is more aggressive than the one implemented by his former boss, Barack Obama. According to National Economic Research Associates, that plan was estimated to eliminate 6.5 million American industrial jobs by 2040 and cost $15,000 per household. Biden has moved the target date for zero-emission forward 15 years, so the impact on jobs and cost will be more considerable. Read More