CNN Cements Its Bias Reputation at Tuesday’s Debate


PJ Media: If there is one thing that Tuesday night’s Democratic debate showed us—as if we didn’t know it in the first place—it’s just to what degree the media is in the tank for the Democrats. They’re not only in the tank—they built it, filled it with water up to the brim, and would turn up the temperature to boil Donald Trump alive if they could. And maybe they can.

You knew this from the outset when CNN’s lead moderator Anderson Cooper, along with his compatriots, one from the New York Times, opened the festivities with a round of leading impeachment questions, giving each candidate in turn a chance to outdo each other in bashing Trump. Only Tulsi Gabbard equivocated slightly.

Anderson followed this up by then carefully assuring Joe Biden that he (Cooper) knew he (Biden) was “falsely accused” by Trump (Cooper’s words, as if this were universally accepted by any reasonable person) before asking the former vice president the requisite questions about son Hunter and those unfair and nasty accusations of Ukraine/China corruption. No mention of figures, of course. That would have been coarse. more …

Opinion: I decided after the opening round of questions that the debate was a sham. By the time the last candidate answered why he or she thought Donald Trump should be impeached, I wondered if secret police were on their way to the White House to arrest and execute the president and his cabinet on the spot.

What also became apparent early on is who the Dems want as their candidate. Joe repeated that he had not talked to his son about foreign jobs and connections despite this well known picture that shows Joe and Hunter playing golf with Ukraine gas company officials in 2014.

Watch the carefully choreographed question to Joe Biden about his son’s highly lucrative board positions with foreign corporations and the Chinese.