College Stands by Student Leader Who Claimed Jews ‘Worship’ WW2


Free Beacon: The Pomona College senior class president has received little condemnation for reposting a vulgar, anti-Semitic Instagram story claiming Jewish people “hate brown [people]” and “worship” World War II. She also compared the war in Yemen to the Holocaust.

Malak Afaneh, a rising Pomona senior and the class president, also compared the war in Yemen to the Holocaust. “Once again, zionist-israel-birth-right-vacation-stuck-on-comparing-holocaust-to-racism-WW2-worshipping bitches, this should be right up ur alley. oh wait u hate brown ppl,” the post read. Afaneh reposted the anti-Semitic picture, saying the post “put into words all I’ve been thinking.”

In a letter to Claremont Colleges community leaders, Afaneh apologized for the anti-Semitic comments and claims she meant to endorse another post. The BDS, boycott, divest, sanction in the upper right brings the apology into question.

The campus has been generous in its response to Afaneh’s post. The director of Pomona College Hillel, Rabbi Danny Shapiro, told the Washington Free Beacon that he was more concerned that Afaneh could be “harassed” than he was about the post itself. He said Afaneh’s apology was meaningful and satisfactory. Read More…

Opinion:  Hillel at The Claremont Colleges serves Jewish students at the undergraduate and graduate schools that comprise the 7 College Consortium of the Claremont Colleges.

Rabbi Shapiro’s concern is misplaced. Since when do Palestinians receive even a verbal warning regarding their overtly antisemitic tropes and attacks? Since when do western nations condemn the Jew hatred that makes headlines daily?

Palwatch headline June 22, 2020:

PA and Fatah promise terror against Israel

An editorial in the official PA daily yesterday focused on glorifying Fatah’s past terror attacks. This served as an introduction to its warning of future terror, should Israel annex land as proposed in US President Trump’s Middle East peace plan.

Palwatch headline June 23, 2010

Two loopholes in EU anti-terror laws and regulations: PMW presentation to MEPs

The new report highlights two loopholes that have enabled the Palestinian Authority to be a recipient of European Union (EU) funding, even though the PA breaches the EU’s anti-terror laws and regulations consistently.

Palwatch  headline June 24, 2020:

Preacher threatens Israel: Your “end is near” – in PA TV sermon

“In a sermon broadcast by the PA, an unidentified preacher called on Palestinians to wage war against Israel, warning Israel that “its end, Allah willing, is near”

And where is the outrage of the nations …

Eat a Cricket, Save the World - The Atlantic


Just 12 days ago on June 17, an amazingly similar headline said this …

Fury at FSU: New Student Senate President’s Antisemitic Statements Revealed

 Outrage has erupted at Florida State University after the new Student Senate president was found to have made racist and antisemitic statements online, including comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

Ahmad Daraldik — who is Palestinian-American — recently replaced a previous president of the Student Senate who was expelled for expressing conservative Catholic views.

Both class presidents are Palestinian, both will still retain their leadership roles at their respective colleges. What do you think would have happened if it where American Jewish students speaking out against Muslim hate crimes against Jews? Imagine the outrage.