Dangers Of Programmable Money Explained


Zero Hedge: Dominic Frisby with Money, Markets & Other Matters talks about the war on cash and central bank digital currency, known as CBDC. He questions if CBDCs are “the final step into the brave new world – Orwellian great reset dystopia – we seem to be heading towards” or are they “the onramp to the Bitcoin motorway.” He said the answer is “both.” 

Frisby points out the biggest issue with CBDCs is that digital money is “programmable,” which means the issuer, such as the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England, can build specific rules into it. He said cash grants users freedom and power.

Programmable money, such as CBDCs, means the user has even less control over their money. Frisby said almost any kind of rule could be coded into CBDCs. He provides an example of China mulling over the idea of expiry dates for its digital money. This means those holding the programmable money have to spend the money by a specific time or it disappears from their account. Read More…

Opinion: Step into the future. The time is post rapture. Global debt has climbed from 280 trillion in 2021 to over 400 trillion. The global economy is falling into the abyss.

The seat of governmental authority shifts to Europe as a new world leader decrees that, out of necessity, the only form of payment allowed for commerce is Central Bank Digital Currency.

The United Nations is charged with implementing the social credit score and environmental credit score that enforces restrictions on who is eligible to receive CBCDs, how the money is spent, and when it is spent.

  • Dissidents are silenced
  • Churches/charities are bankrupt
  • Educators will sing the government’s praise
  • Private property is a relic of the past
  • A global religion is set up for the people
  • Mark of loyalty to the government, or death

But the secular 1%, or uber-wealthy, are still unfazed. In fact, it is the 1% that will cheer the new world leader, provide billions in capital at his disposal, and pledge their loyalty by taking the mark on national television.

The world is about to enter the great tribulation.

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” Matthew 24:20