Turkey: “Death To Jews” Indoctrination At Summer Camp


Zero Hedge: Turkey’s Jewish community is still reeling from the content of a video that went viral at the end of July.The video shows what appears to be a summer camp at which young children, with a group of burqa-clad women behind them, are being led in an anti-Semitic cheer in Turkish by a young girl or woman counselor.

In the 39-second clipwhen the girl says, “The Jews,” the women and children reply, “Death!”

When she says, “Palestine,” they reply, “It will be saved.” more …

Opinion: Recep Tayyip Erdogan is fully exposed as a state sponsor of terror. His membership in NATO needs to be terminated so the wannabe sultan of the caliphate can get on with a prophesied alliance with Russia and Iran (Ezekiel 38:1-6).

Turkey’s shift from a secular state, which enjoyed a 60-year relationship with Israel, was exposed in the 2010 Mavi Marmara Flotilla incident. I was leading my first small group at the time and we had just finished studying Ezekiel 38-39 when the fireworks began.

The Flotilla was designed to break Israel’s blockade of shipments of rockets and weapons to Hamas. Humanitarian supplies passed the blockade routinely.

Six ships left Cyprus for Gaza. The ships refused an Israeli offer to deliver the goods to Ashdod. By around 11 pm, an Israeli navy task-force was alongside the flotilla and one of the navy ships broadcast a warning to the flotilla not to approach Gaza.

The flotilla continued and were boarded in international waters, about 130km (80 miles) from the Israeli coast. Israeli Commandos landed on the largest ship, the Turkish-owned Mavi Marmara, by descending on ropes from helicopters. Clashes broke out immediately and the Israeli commandos opened fire. Nine Turkish soldiers were killed resulting in an end to 60 years of Israel/Turkey relations.

Tensions flared between Israel and Turkey until Barack Obama intervened, and in a shocking show of support for Erdogan’s act of aggression, forced PM Netanyahu to apologize and pay reparations for the deaths, destroying the relationship between the two countries permanently.

Not long after Obama’s stunning act, Erdogan openly embraced Hamas which explains the summer camps.