BPT News Special Report – The Dem Debates: Moments You Can’t Unsee


NIGHT 1. Theme: Demonize Job Creators  (rich people and evil corporations)

Julian Castro actually said this … 

“Let’s also not forget someone in the trans community, a trans female, is poor, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose (abortion).”

Bill De Blasio actually shouted Che Guevara’s Cuban revolutionary slogan “Hasta la victoria, siempre!”

Beto O’Rourke actually said … ???

Caught by surprise at Beto’s Spanish, Spartacus plots his next move …

…and fires back a scathing rebuke, I think?

Night 2. Themes – Healthcare is a right – Free Healthcare for Illegal immigrants – Free community college – Free basic income – Decriminalize illegal border crossings

Bernie Sanders – Free Health Care – Stop insurance greed – Raise taxes – Undo every Executive order Trump has signed on immigration – Abortion a Constitutional right – 12 years left to act on climate change!

Kamala Harris – Free Income – $500 per month basic income – Protect DACA and release immigrant children from cages – Not climate change, it’s climate crisis – Rejoin Paris Accords – Slams Joe Biden for supporting former senators who supported segregation

Joe Biden –  Eliminate Tax Cuts – Free community college – No college debt – Build on Obamacare – Put deceptive insurance executives in jail – Build 500,000 auto re-charging stations – Rejoin Paris Accords – Defends his record on racism, actually says “My time is up. I’m sorry”

Andrew Yang – Free Income – $1000 per month income/Value added tax

Pete Buttigieg  – Free health care for everyone – Politicians who lock up children cannot call themselves Christian – Eliminate systemic racism in the police – Carbon tax

Kirsten Gillibrand – Comprehensive Immigration form – lawyers for illegal immigrants – Women’s reproductive right under attack

John HickenlooperClose coal plants – build wind farms

Maryanne Williamson  – One very intense and scary lady

Karl Marx would be so proud …


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    I’m thinkin’ they need to update the cards, though. It’s a little dated. Maybe they can swap out the following faces with those who are currently carrying on their message.



    Счастливого 4 июля на следующей неделе!

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