EU Document to Help PALESTINIANS take over Area C

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas holds a placard showing maps of (L to R) historical Palestine, the 1947 United Nations partition plan on Palestine, the 1948-1967 borders between the Palestinian territories and Israel, and a current map of the Palestinian territories without Israeli-annexed areas and settlements, as he attends an Arab League emergency meeting discussing the US-brokered proposal for a settlement of the Middle East conflict at the league headquarters in the Egyptian capital Cairo on February 1, 2020. (Photo by Khaled DESOUKI / AFP)

JNS: A recently leaked European Union document outlining E.U. strategy to help extend Palestinian control over Area C of Judea and Samaria reveals “a gross violation of Israel’s sovereignty and jurisdiction by purported allies,” Naomi Kahn, director of the International Division for Regavim, an Israeli NGO that deals with land issues, told JNS.

Under the Oslo Accords, Area C, covering 60% of Judea and Samaria, commonly known as the West Bank, falls fully under Israeli authority.

The document, which came to light last week, for the first time reveals that official E.U. policy is to help the Palestinian Authority take over Area C, Kahn said. The document declares the ultimate objective is to integrate Area C with Areas A and B, which fall under Palestinian control.

“The goal of the Europeans is to encourage Palestinians to register land in Area C; land under someone else’s legal jurisdiction. It’s a violation of international law and treaty,” Kahn said. “The government of Israel has to make it clear to the European Union that foreign intervention that is changing the map and undermining its ability to negotiate a resolution will no longer be accepted.”

Forty Knesset members sent a strongly worded protest to E.U. leaders saying it constituted a “grave breach” of the Israel-E.U. relationship. A Knesset committee will hold a special hearing on the issue. Read More …

Opinion: Does the EU document even matter?

Keep this 1995 agreement in mind:

Oslo II agreed jurisdictions – Judea and Samaria

  • Area A = Palestinian control
  • Area B = Shared jurisdiction Israel/Arab
  • Area C = Israeli control

My obvious incorrect analysis has been that with the religious right in the Netanyahu cabinet, a direct confrontation with Biden is inevitable.

Maybe not…

In our All Israel News headline on Monday “Netanyahu pushes to promote peace deal with Saudi Arabia”

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides recently told ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel C. Rosenberg that the Biden administration will “work tirelessly with the Israelis and the Saudis.”

Followed by:

The report noted that far-right parties will not stand in Netanyahu’s way to sign a similar deal with the Saudis.

If I have this right, Prime Minister-elect Netanyahu is about to make the same mistake made by former US President Donald Trump when he downplayed a small section of out-of-the-way land in East Jerusalem for a Palestinian capital:

Radio Free Europe January 28, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump (right) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hold a joint news conference to discuss a new Middle East peace-plan proposal in the White House in Washington on January 28.

U.S. President Donald Trump has endorsed a “contiguous,” independent Palestinian state with a capital in eastern Jerusalem, but he made the move contingent upon Palestinians accepting several moves seen by many as difficult, as he unveiled his much-anticipated Middle East peace plan.

Standing next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump on January 28 said the plan more than doubles the territory currently under Palestinian control, although it also granted Israeli sovereignty over major settlement areas in the West Bank — something certain to anger Palestinians.

He also said Jerusalem would be Israel’s “undivided” capital under the plan, although he also spoke of the capital of a future Palestinian state being in parts of “eastern Jerusalem.” (read more)

Notice that Donald Trump is a former president in accordance with Genesis 12:3.

“I will also gather all nations, And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
And I will enter into judgment with them there On account of My people, My heritage Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; They have also divided up My land.” Joel 3:2

Fasten those seat belts this could get crazy.