EU has no strategy! Bloc at risk of ‘disappearing from the map’ after coronavirus response


Express UK:  The Italian politician, who served as the 10th President of the European Commission, said: “This is like a war, but the EU has no strategy”. Mr Prodi hit out at the bloc by demanding Europe steps up to its role as an “anchor of democracy” if it does not want to “disappear from the map”.

The ex-president of the European Commission described the battle against COVID-19 as not being like the 2008 financial crisis that started from finance and then affected the rest of the economy.

“There is a widespread idea that European solidarity ends up helping others, but the Dutch must understand something: if a big crisis happens, who is going to buy their tulips?”

“We need a strategy or we will disappear from the map.” Read More …

Opinion: It is almost time for a European strong man to ride in on a white horse to save the day. Europe is famous for it.

  • Charlemagne ruled much of Western Europe from 768 to 814
  • Napoleon conquered much of Europe during the French Revolution (1789-1799)
  • Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945

This time the coming ruler will come quietly as the 11th leader among a restructured  ten-nation or region empire.

“The ten horns are ten kings
Who shall arise from this kingdom.
And another shall rise after them;
He shall be different from the first ones,
And shall subdue three kings.” Daniel 11:24

What did Daniel mean by different? When we look through the Bible’s description of this man we get a picture of what he meant.

In Clarence Larkin’s book ‘Dispensational Truth’, the contrast between Antichrist and the true Christ describes the man who will one day rule the revived Roman Empire, and the Messiah who will defeat him.

Christ came from above, John 6:38
Antichrist ascends from the pit, Rev. 11:7

Christ came in His Father’s name, John 5:43
Antichrist will come in his own name, Rev. 11:7

Christ humbled Himself, Phil. 2:8
Antichrist will exalt himself, 2 Thess. 2:4

Christ was despised, Isaiah 53:3
Antichrist will be admired, Rev. 13:3-4

Christ will be exalted, Phil 2:9
Antichrist will be cast down into hell, Isa. 14:14-15Rev.19:20

Christ came to do His Father’s will, John 6:38
Antichrist will come to do his own will, Daniel 11:36

Christ came to save, Luke 19:10
Antichrist will come to destroy, Daniel 8:24

Christ is the good shepherd, John 10:4-15
Antichrist is the “idol (evil) shepherd”, Zech. 11:16,17

Christ is the “true vine”, John 15:1
Antichrist is the “vine of the earth”, Rev. 14:18

Christ is the “truth”, John 14:6
Antichrist is the “lie”, 2 Thess. 2:11

Christ is the “holy one”, Mark 1:24
Antichrist is the lawless one 2 Thess. 2:8

Christ is the “man of sorrows”, Isaiah 53:3
Antichrist “man of sin”, 2 Thess. 2:3

Christ is the “Son of God”, Luke 1:35
Antichrist is the son of “perdition”, 2 Thess. 2:3

Christ is the “mystery of godliness: God manifest in the flesh”, 1 Tim. 3:16
Antichrist is the “mystery of inequity, Satan manifest in the flesh”, 2 Thess. 2:7


  1. Amen! Wonderful post. Most Christians have no idea how very close we are. Even so… Come, Lord Jesus!!!

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