Failed Spanish Inquisition an Important Lesson to Modern Anti-Semites


PJ Media: March 31 marks the anniversary of the date on which, in 1492, Spanish Jews were faced with the choice of converting to Catholicism or leaving.  The edict was driven by the queen, “Isabella the Catholic,” and was issued despite widespread opposition throughout the kingdom, including Sicily, where most of the Italian Jews lived and which was ruled by a Spanish viceroy.  Some converted, some pretended to convert and maintained Jewish practices in secrecy for centuries, but the bulk shipped out, many to the Ottoman Empire, some to Amsterdam (which became known as the “second Jerusalem”), a much smaller number to Palestine.  Henceforth the Spanish Kingdom was firmly under the brutal hand of the Inquisition, whose chief was the infamous Torquemada.

It was a colossal blunder.  Spain never recovered from the loss of one of the most productive and creative elements of its population.  As for the Jews of the realm, 1492 started the saga of the wandering diaspora very shortly thereafter. The Spanish and Portuguese Jews spread all over the continent, and the new world as well.  It initiated a melodrama that is one of history’s most fascinating tales.

Jews were important to the Spanish economy, and to Spanish culture. more …

Opinion: In the introduction (here) to our paper Two Trains ‘Israel and the Church in Prophecy’, we made a list of the attacks on the Jewish people during the Church age.

Excerpt: Anti-Semitism In The Church Age – The Mystery of iniquity

 “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way” 2 Thessalonians 2:7.

  • Replacement Theology – 2-5th century AD to the Present – God changed His mind and transferred the blessings of Abraham to the church
  • Blood Libel – 12th -14th centuries Jews accused of using blood of Arab children to make matzoh
  • Spanish Inquisition – 15th century – convert to Catholicism or die
  • Covenant Theology – 16th century – the church is Israel
  • Pogroms – 18-19th century Russia – government sanctioned killings
  • Nazism – 20th century “Final Solution”

I also began keeping track (by country) of headlines of the most recent anti-Semitic politics/attacks. Here is a sample of US anti-Semitic headlines just from this blog since the October 27, 2018 Pittsburgh massacre.


October 27, 2018Washington Examiner “11 Killed in Synagogue Massacre; Suspect Charged With 29 Counts” Suspect says: “I want to kill all the Jews”

October 28; 2018Wall Street Journa“Amalek Comes to Pittsburgh”

November 5, 2018Breaking Israel News Is Replacement Theology Fueling Anti-Semitism in America?”

November 6, 2018Breitbart “Two Muslim Women Elected to House of Representatives”

November 15, 2018: Jerusalem Online Synagogue Shooting Victims ‘Deserved It’ Says Arrested Acquaintance of Robert Bowers”

November 29, 2018Daily Wire “CNN Commentator Calls for Elimination of Israel, Endorses Violence”

December 1, 2018: Algemeiner “Jewish Students at Columbia University ‘Outraged’, Distressed by Anti-Israel Graffiti on Campus”

December 1, 2018World Net Daily “PRO-Israel Students Stare Down Hamas-Backed SJP At UCLA”

December 27, 2018 Jerusalem Post “Belgian Soccer Fans Sing Chant About Burning Jews”

January 4, 2019: Conservative Review “New Democrat Congresswoman Literally Wipes Israel Off Her Office Map”

January 12, 2019  Times of Israel “Democrat Tulsi Gaddard D-Hawaii Slammed Israel in 2005 for live Fire In Gaza War will Run For President in 2020”

January 18, 2019 Daily Wire “IIhan Omar Doesn’t Know How Jews Can Be Offended By Her Anti-Semitism”

January 21, 2019 Breitbart “Woman’s March leaders promote anti-Semitism

February 12, 2019 Daily Wire “Democrat Party has become the Party of Anti-Semitism”

February 19, 2019 Daily Caller “The Current Democratic Party Has No Use For Jews”

February 21, 2019 Free Beacon” Virginia Democrat Who Came Under Fire for Anti-Semitic Comments Wins Special Election”

March 2, 2019 Jewish Press: “Wake Forest U. Jewish Students told to ‘Lay Low’ during Anti-Israel Week”

March 7; 2019 Times of Israel “Pelosi Defends Omar “unaware of ‘weight of her words’ in remarks on Israel”

March 8, 2019 PJ Media “Welcome to Little Mogadishu, the City Soon to be F/K/A Minneapolis”


March 19, 2019 Forward Heil Hitler’: 30 Gravestones Vandalized At Jewish Cemetery In Massachusetts”

March 23, 2019 Breitbart “Hundreds Protested Ilhan Omar Speech to CAIR-Los Angeles

April 2, 2019 Algemeiner “Jewish Students at Harvard University Voice Concerns Over Campus ‘Israeli Apartheid Week”

Over the coming weeks we will attempt to bring you information as it develops via post and podcast for this deadly trend among the nations as the time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7) draws near.

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