Family feud: On the blessing of homosexual couples, the Vatican has an enemy in the house

picture of priest in glasses

LifeSite News: He will take office in Rome at the end of the summer. But Philippe Bordeyne, the new president of the John Paul II Pontifical Theological Institute for Marriage and Family Sciences, has already shown his cards in advance. And he has done so precisely on the most explosive issue in the Church today, that of the blessing of homosexual couples.

In an essay in “Transversalités,” the magazine of the Institut Catholique of Paris of which he has been rector up to now, Bordeyne holds that yes, it is a good thing to bless homosexual couples “when they solicit the Church’s prayer to accompany their love, their union,” albeit with the double precaution of blessing them “preferably” in a liturgical form “of a private nature” and with a personal blessing for each member of the couple, “in order to mark the difference with the nuptial blessing prayers.”

The essay is worth reading in its entirety. But this is already enough to understand how Bordeyne ranks not among the obedient but among the rebels against the “Responsum” with which on March 15 the congregation for the doctrine of the faith prohibited the blessing of homosexual couples. Read More