Florida Governor to Blacklist Airbnb for Blacklisting Israeli Settlements


Jewish Press: Florida’s new Governor, Ron DeSantis, on Tuesday announced he considers blacklisting the short-term hospitality service Airbnb in his state, in response to the company’s exclusion of Judea and Samaria Israeli settlements from their list.

State law prohibits Florida from dealing with companies that boycott Israel.

“We have a moral obligation to oppose the Airbnb policy,” DeSantis said, stressing that “it does target Jews specifically, I think that is wrong.”  more …

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Opinion: It takes guts for Governor DeSantis to stand for Israel since Florida residents earned a combined $450 million in income from the Airbnb platform in 2017.

Most of the world considers Israel’s settlements built on land Israel captured in the 1967 war to be a violation of international law, so it was a simple matter for Arab Palestinian officials to pressure Airbnb to end its West Bank settlement listings:

“For us, the question centers on the approximately 200 Airbnb listings in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and whether they should be available for rent on our platform. We are most certainly not the experts when it comes to the historical disputes in this region. Our team has wrestled with this issue and we have struggled to come up with the right approach.

When we applied our decision-making framework (here), we concluded that we should remove listings in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank that are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians“.

Occupied is code for anti-Semitism and ignorance is no excuse.

The disputed settlements are here:

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1922 British Mandate boundaries for Israel included Trans-Jordan

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Original land grant from God:

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It’s a matter of three wars (Ps. 83, Ez. 38; Dan.11:40-45) before Israel will be the land God ordained in Genesis 15:18.