Forbes Magazine Removes Article Suggesting Biden Take a Cognitive Assessment


PJ Media: “Does Joe Biden Have Dementia? Does It Matter?” It was a provocative piece that made the not-so-startling suggestion that Joe Biden needs to have a cognitive assessment done.

But that suggestion was apparently too much for the staid financial publication and they pulled it after a few hours.

What’s so controversial? Bauer summarizes the evidence and then makes the point that Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment screening test in 2018 and aced it. So why not Biden? Read More …

Opinion: That Forbes Magazine is known as a conservative magazine/website makes me wonder just who we can trust anymore. But then again, what we thought we knew about major news organizations has been up for grabs since Fox News hired Democrat Donna Brazile. If you remember, Brazile was fired from CNN for giving Hillary  the talking points prior to a debate in 2016, and then lied about it.

Just recently Brazile showed her (not so) self proclaimed Christian self …

So President Trump not only aced the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) test, he had a perfect score, prompting Democrat lefties and the creator of the test to question whether the test was even accurate:

Dr. Ziad Nasreddine, the creator of that test, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, went with it. Within weeks, the Lebanese-Canadian neurologist and his colleagues were working on “mini-MoCA,” an online exam for anyone to take who was worried about his own cognitive decline. Nasreddine said at the time that he might charge the masses $1 or $2 per test.

Now Nasreddine has changed course. He says growing worries about the validity of test results — and possible liability for errors — have pressed him to require those who administer the test to pay for mandatory certification to make sure the results are accurate.

Further examination of the results called into question even perfect scores.

And there ya go. Joe Biden should not take the test because if Trump aced it, the test can’t be accurate, so stop being a politi-phobe (I made that new phobe up) and quit worrying about Joe because, JOE IS JUST FINE.