Google Financially Blacklists ZeroHedge, Threatens the Federalist


Breitbart: Earlier today, NBC reported that Google confirmed it financially blacklisted two sites known for criticism of the left: conservative commentary site the Federalist and alternative news site ZeroHedge. Following its publication, NBC amended its article to state that the Federalist has been “warned” by Google of imminent blacklisting from its Google Ads service due to “policy violations” in its comments section. ZeroHedge is also working with Google to resolve its blacklisting, which is also based on its comments section.

If the Federalist fails to remedy what Google considers to be violations in its comments section, both websites will now be unable to generate advertising revenue using Google Ads, by far the most important service for any website trying to generate digital advertising revenue. Read More …

Opinion: Google’s AdSense is a program whereby website publishers in the Google Network of content sites place text, images, video, or interactive media ads that are targeted to the site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google.

And if Google doesn’t like you – No Ads For You!

For websites with large operating budgets, being banned from AdSense can mean layoffs and even bankruptcy. While Prophecy Tracker has been blocked from AdSense three times, we have managed to stay alive despite growing maintenance, design expenses, Hosting fees and burning through a couple of laptops each year.

Google’s ban also made it virtually impossible for Editor and me to even think about hiring anyone. Our thanks to our friend Vason for keeping an eye out daily for potential posts and being available to do an emergency edit. To Josh for sending post ideas and our technician Louis, for going beyond the scope of our new website.

What will it be like if some of the more than 25 go-to websites we access every day were to disappear for lack of operating revenue? The only answer is that progressive sites like NBC will have complete control of news.

So what did Zero Hedge and The Federalist do to bring on a Google condemnation?

Un-regulated responses.

That’s right, Google holds websites responsible for the content of its readers’ comments.

So what about free speech? In an election year, members of Congress are just too darn busy placating big donors to worry about the Constitution (here).