GOP congresswoman: transgenderism ‘nothing but rebellion against God’


Assessment: ‘You cannot change your gender. It’s a lie,’ said Rep. Mary Miller …

Republican Rep. Mary Miller denounced the left’s transgender agenda a“rebellion against God” and blasted the Biden administration for pushing it on young children, which she called “child abuse.” 

“You cannot change your gender. It’s a lie,” Miller told Breitbart News Saturday in an interview with Matthew Boyle. “And people who have gender identity problems, I sympathize with them, but why are we going to go along with ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ and play along with this charade? I’m not going to do itI mean, they’re purposely preventing the child’s physical development, and I’m calling it child abuse.” 

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(Rep. Mary Miller Illinois)

Miller said she thinks the transgender movement has taken root in the U.S. because “we have rejected God” and are “swimming in an abyss of confusion.” Underscoring her Christian faith, she stated, “I am unashamed of our Judeo-Christian heritage and the values that most Americans hold toGod created us male and female — this is nothing but rebellion against God.” 

Earlier in April, Miller slammed the Biden administration for its “woke” politics. She accused the White House of “lying to children” in pushing “sex change” surgeries and puberty blockers while calling the drugs “reversible.” 

“The Biden Administration,” Miller tweeted on April 8, is engaging in extreme ‘woke’ politics by encouraging children to take chemical castration drugs and undergo surgeries, and they are lying to children by telling them puberty blockers are ‘reversible.’ We must protect our children!”  

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